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My Subversive Stickers on Canva

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Hi, everyone!

Today's post is a fun one. While attending my IOP sessions, my therapist kept going on and on about Canva. She uses the designing tool to create colorful handouts for the WEWC program, and she and another woman in my group extolled its virtues: it's totally free, easy to use, and fantastic for less artistic people like myself because you can work from thousands of templates. [Ed. note: I'm not being sponsored by Canva for this post, but I'd like to be! Lol]

So, a few weeks ago, I tried my hand at making a sticker about my comedy website:

Then I decided to add my new motto (also from my IOP) and the URL:

And finally I made a sticker with just my slogan:

So I decided to get the URL one printed by Canva (for about 13 bucks), and they came out pretty nicely:

I thought that was the end of my Canva adventure, but then another thought popped into my head while listening to Bo's If I Were You episode about Dangrin's Baton—

What if I were to use those FREE templates to create subversive or silly stickers, kind of like Garbage Pail Kids did back in the day?

Mine aren't THIS nauseating haha

So, dear reader, I went on a TEAR and made like 100+ different stickers based on some of my favorite jokes, lyrics, and poems.

Here they are, and if you'd like to purchase any of them, please let me know.

I'm also happy to take any requests...I absolutely LOVE assembling these, and they make me feel like a creative person again! 😀

If I Were You:

You Made It Weird:

Bo Burnham:


(I adore how stupidly corporate and performative this sticker looks, so I used it for ALL of Bo's well-meaning liberal quotes lol)

The Inside Outtakes


Make Happy


Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous—

Older Bo jokes or YouTube clips—

(I know the formatting doesn't work perfectly, but the subversive element was too good to pass up haha)

Maria Bamford:

James Acaster:

John Mulaney:

Aparna Nancherla:

Demetri Martin:

Flight of the Conchords:


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