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All the Kate Stickers at the NYC Shows

Updated: Feb 2

Kate Berlant's incredible one-woman show includes many distinct elements: prerecorded voices, her smoking an e-cigarette, and even golden forks.

But my favorite item—and one that I tried to capture EVERY time I came across it—was the multitude of stickers that adorned nearly every surface and corner of the Connelly Theater in New York City!

Since KATE is now being performed in London (and she's recently announced on Mike Birbiglia's podcast that it will be in LA early next year!), I wanted to compile all of the photos I took of Kate's depictions in New York, from the giant one in the bathroom to the tiniest one on the electrical outlet.

Let's go!

The entrance to the theater

The two around the poster outside (see squatting Kate and program Kate?)

The electrical box here says KATE in white letters

Another squatting Kate outside the venue

Two Kates on the door into the Connelly: one leaning on one leg with her arm out, the other going "huh?"

Kate's Giant eyes directly above real Kate on the Kate bench (ugh, this is quickly becoming the "gummy" gag from The Simpsons)

The wall of 5 life-size Kates that you could pose with (PHOTOGRAPHY ENCOURAGED)

A GIANT Kate on the mirror smiling and laughing

A tiny Kate on the wall

A Kate on the outlet with "KATE" in black letters

A Kate on the wall of the sand/moon experience for Group B

Kate on the wall on the other side of the room (you can see the heavy black curtains at the front entrance)

A dancing tiny Kate on the wall

A crawling Kate on the computer monitor

A Kate sticker looking up at a microscopic KATE that you had to use a magnifying glass to read!

A Kate directing you to the bathroom (the basket was for if I was going to hand mine back! Haha)

A large Kate lying down on her side outside of the bathroom

The bathroom door (all genders!)

A tiny Kate and "KA/TE" in black letters above the bathroom door

A Kate above the toilet (they really were EVERYWHERE haha)

My FAVORITE Kate pic (just watch Cinnamon in the Wind to understand the reference!)

The "KATECESSIONS" stand with a giant "KATE" in black letters

The "HELLO" sign in white letters and a tiny "KATE" in black letters in front of the Kate mannequin

A KATE label on the clip for the sand exhibit sign

A pointing Kate on a black door

That's all the stickers that I saw in my three shows. If I missed any that you have captured on film, please send the photos to me and I will add them!

For the complete list of Kate posts, including all of the NYC audience interviews, please click here.


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