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Healing the World on Social Media

Updated: Feb 5

Bo Burnham has changed many people's lives (including mine and Taron Egerton's apparently lol).

Now this may seem ludicrous to him (Bo did include the line about "healing the world" with his COMEDY, after all), but it's true!

The world can appear to be unfeeling, cold, and cruel (especially on the Internet where everything is polarized), but I have been quietly collecting people's impassioned reactions to Bo's works over the past two years.

Some are funny, some are heartbreaking, some are truly inspirational, and some are just worded in a way that caught my attention (like the dude who said All Eyes On Me is the perfect soundtrack for sexy times lol).

I did not include the MANY negative, angry, or weird responses that litter the online world because I wanted people to see the positive impact Bo has left on society (I'm also trying to be a more optimistic person in's a struggle after being a misanthrope for 40 years).

Aside from my own experiences with Bo providing a message of hope for me when I desperately needed it (I've got all that chicken jewelry for a reason), here are a few of the other lives he's touched across the globe.

I will get to that meadow somehow 🐔

Audio of me singing The Chicken during a rainstorm on 9/8/23...apologies for the poor quality!


The Chicken—

[my friend Kiki]

That Funny Feeling—

Oh My God—

From God's Perspective—

Can't Handle This—

["Weird Al wet dream" is hysterical and accurate]

Straight White Male—

[This is legit my dream haha]

[This is also a dream of mine—they do at least know each other well]

[This one hit me hard as a fellow bisexual woman with a plethora of mental health issues]

Welcome to the Internet—

The genie from Aladdin, eh?

The Inside Outtakes—

White Woman's Instagram—

All Eyes On Me—

Bo Fo Sho—

Rehab Center for Fictional Characters—


Repeat Stuff—

We Think We Know You—


How the World Works—

[Reminds me of my son haha]

Five Years—

Child Mind Institute interview—

Bo's Vulture Interview with Jesse David Fox—

Payton Justice's All Eyes On Me Cover