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A History of Bo Burnham at the Largo

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

There is one venue that any fan of Bo will hear mentioned again and again—The Largo at the Coronet.

This intimate Los Angeles theater is a favorite place for comedians to test out new material and work through their routines with a small but devoted audience of comedy fans.

One of the reasons nearly every comic you've ever heard of loves performing at the Largo is that there is a strict no camera/recording devices policy, so people can feel free to express themselves without fearing social media fallout and "cancellation."

As such, I've decided to compile all of the audience accounts that I could find online about Bo's performances there, particularly his unannounced sets after Make Happy. Per Dylan Case—creator of the brilliant Insider special—Bo would have his name on the marquee, so to speak, and that influenced his choice to see Bo live at the Largo (you can read more about Dylan's thoughts on his pre-Make Happy sets here).

And according to r/boburnham moderator PlasticJesters—who wrote the majority of the audience reviews below—Bo doesn't headline shows anymore, but he is sometimes listed as a guest:

What happens is that all the named acts at Largo have openers, and Bo is often one of those, but unannounced. He hasn't headlined a show there since 2015, I believe.
He is usually a guest for another comic’s show. Most of the Largo shows are “and friends”, and sometimes they’ll say who in advance, and sometimes not.
In the last three years there have only been three announced shows to my knowledge. In feb 2017 he was listed as a guest, but a couple of days before his name disappeared from the website. That was the first time I was flying in for a show, so I was a bit freaked out, but luckily he still showed.
May 2018 he was listed as an opener for Ronnie Chieng, and we later discovered in an interview that he hadn’t wanted to be listed. He sang from God’s Perspective that night cos he knew so many people were there to see him.

The interview in question was his New Yorker profile, which you can read about here.

And then he was also listed as a guest in December 2019.
All the other times I’ve managed to catch him, it’s just been good timing. I’m in LA now to see the Daniel Sloss show at Largo tonight (it was amazing!!), and if I’m here I’ll try stay a couple of days, so when the Sarah Silverman show was announced a few weeks ago, the day before Sloss, I bought tix, cos she’s great, and had the bonus of Bo showing up last night.
The jealousy goes the other direction too! I am so envious of everyone who got to experience the early tours through Make Happy in person. I would have loved to have seen them. But I realize that I am fortunate that I have the means and flexibility to see him in LA fairly often, and know that I’m lucky with the chances I get now.
So him actually being announced as the headliner for the show next month is a huge deal. He’s not headlined there since 2014 to the best of my knowledge.

So, I am going to try to include as many specific comments as I can find online from 2016 until today.

Let's go!

For context, the "Metaphor song" or "Serious song" mentioned below is my beloved The Chicken (how anyone can find it funny though is beyond me...maybe it was sillier at one point, but its current lyrics make me and many others very emotional!).

And the "Drake song" is obviously Five Years from The Inside Outtakes.

This was actually leaked awhile ago, so I recognized it almost immediately when watching the Outtakes for the first time!

2017 Performances:

January 10—Bo appeared as part of Louie Anderson and Friends (side note: Did anyone else adore Life with Louie as a kid? I loved it).

I was there! He did like 2.5 new songs. One about Mansplaining which was AMAZING, one about a chicken crossing the road which gave the audience a lot of laughs (duh it's Bo Burnham), and one of a Nazi Soldier singing to his son but he didn't really complete the whole song that's why I say .5 lol He talked a little bit of him having trouble making new material. Sadly he wasn't on the stage for long because the show was Louie Anderson and friends and Bo was one of the "friends". Overall I really hope he continues and I'd love to hear more.

January 19—Largo tweeted that "Bo in the house" haha

Still rocking his FSU sweatshirt, I see

If you don't know why that expression is particularly hilarious for Bo, be sure to check out his interview on the H3 podcast, especially the last half hour of the show.

"Beau in the house" is an origin meme. It's kind of one of our earliest and best memes, I would say, in reaction to one of the best videos on the Internet.

February 15—A truly amazing group performed together as part of Rhys Darby's Saying Funny Things Society.

You might have seen these pictures floating around online, especially after the enormous success of Our Flag Means Death!

Yes, that's right! Taika Waititi (with his ARM around Rhys...aww), Bo and Jerrod Carmichael with their arms around each other (double aww). Such a fantastic ensemble, and I'm SO jealous of the lucky audience members who got to experience the comedy of these brilliant minds in one location!

Here's a bonus Largo low-quality image of Taika with Jason Mantzoukas (looks like Nick Kroll is taking the photo? Not sure).

A better-quality pic of Jason at the Largo with Seth Rogen and the How Did This Get Made? podcast team... you'll see Paul Scheer again soon!

March 17—

So Bo was one of the special guests at the Pete Holmes show at the Largo on Thursday. I really hope someone local who posts here attended and can give details!
I kind of wondered if Bo might be there. After people in line last time (mid February) mentioned that Bo had been removed from the Largo website as appearing that night, I asked a staff member when they wandered past if Bo was still scheduled. They reassured me that he was, and gave a very frank answer as to why he was no longer listed. It was nothing bad, or that reflected poorly on Bo or anything, but seemed a bit personal (which is why I'm not going into detail.) But it did make me wonder if any further appearances might just be unannounced. Fast forward to this month and they weren't saying who one of tonight's guests was...
I'm glad he played tonight! That makes it six times so far this year. So he appears to be continuing with his "hobby". he wearing the shirt that was being discussed in this thread?
ETA: just to make it clear, I wasn't there for this show, just following online the Largo announcements. I hope that we hear from someone who was there!

April 23—Bo was a special surprise guest per this Largo tweet.

May 3—Bo was part of Pete Holmes and Friends and still wearing college sweatshirts.

The Largo tweeted a nice photo of him at the keyboard!

Ok, here's the details on tonight's Largo show! Pete Holmes was the headliner.
I love Pete so as I said I decided to travel for it and take a chance that Bo would play as well. Caught a plane waaaay too early this morning and got in line early at the Largo to have a great seat.
Bo sang two full songs (both were the ones I saw him do in February) and then three unfinished ones.
Mansplaining. Very funny! The friend I took with me who has no idea who Bo is was quoting this one after the show. It made a real impression on her.
Serious Song. This is the other full song. Kinda about yearning for something else in life
Lorde Song. A funny song in the style of Lorde (dramatic lighting!) about being a party girl and getting drunk
Johnny Cash-ish Song about being a liberal man
Simpler Times this was short and funny
He looked good! Was wearing black sneakers, black jeans and a black sweatshirt with Mizzou on it. Minimal facial hair and hair more straight down than brushed to the side as it's been in more recent pix.
I had a great evening, it was well worth the trip for me.  He was funny in between songs as well. I'll try to remember more, but heading for bed as I was up at 4:30 am.

2018 Performances:

May 15—

Was there. He did a beautiful ballad about the chicken crossing the road and a song he said was new about enthusiastic verbal consent. Was not expecting him to be there and it was amazing!

June 8—This was Bo's performance that was immortalized by the New Yorker profile. Bo did NOT want to be announced, but word got out anyway!

So Bo did an amazing job at Largo this evening. He did three new songs (two were new ones that he started playing last year, and one was new this year.)
And he played From God's Perspective!  I was particularly excited about that as he hasn't been doing any of the old stuff and I thought I would never see it live. He encouraged the audience to sing along as he 'didn't remember the words ". He flubbed the start of one line but recovered quickly.
The new ones were 'Simpler Times' which is short and sweet and simple with one punchline at the end. He sings it very sweetly.  He did this one there last year too.
His brand new one was all about getting enthusiastic consent for sex. It was funny and dirtier than any of the other new songs. He sings about his penis, which truly takes one back a few years. It was a lot of fun. The tune was a lot like the unfinished Lorde song from last year, but it also had a bit (the bridge?) which I swear was musically identical to a bit in the last song. This song also included him getting the guys in the audience to sing along to the 'before I show you my penis I need a verbal agreement ' line.
He ended with a metaphor song about a chicken. (Also one he did last year. ). It's a brilliant song with both funny and deep lines.
He said that he'd "quit doing this and structurally you could see why." This was after he'd done some awkward non-sequitur stand up bits. (Which was different from when I'd seen him before when he stayed behind the piano the whole time. ). There were a couple of lines about Trump. "Did you hear what Trump said the other day?" (And then didn't say anything else!) and a line about there being a trump cartoon "why?")
His only actual joke was one about pirates and maps that's on the outtakes of the Big Sick DVD.
It was over too soon, but wonderful. Ronny Chieng made a joke about him being so big behind such a small piano.
He was wearing a red sweater, dark grey pants, white sneakers and delightful orange striped socks. Slight scruffy beard.
A couple more things:
He asked if there was anyone from out of town. A few people (including me!) make Woo noises. He then shrugged in a 'whatever' way. It was a lot funnier then the description makes it out to be. :/
Ronnie thanked everyone for coming to see Bo, that he (Ronnie) would take an audience any way he could get one.
Introducing From God's Perspective, he said that this was a song as if God wrote it, if God only knew four cords [sic] and was a shitty singer.
Upon further reflection the new Enthusiastic Consent song isn't like the Lorde song, but is the same tune as the Mansplaining one he did last year. No wonder he didn't sing that one, he poached the music for it!
Also again he set his phone on the stool at the front of the stage to record himself.

November 7—

So Bo was back at Largo this evening, and it was excellent.
The non-song parts:
• ⁠Talked about Beto's speech, and how he said fuck during it.
• ⁠Told the pirate map joke from the Big Sick out takes [sic]. (I've seen him do that one there before).
• ⁠Short miming of masturbation, followed by saying "Louis CK".
• ⁠At least a full minute pacing the stage comparing Trump to a Cheeto. It was very repetitive (which was funny), and was pretty well just the words Trump, Cheeto and dust said over and over.
The songs:
All five are new in that they are all post-Make Happy, but he'd done three of them before.
• ⁠A Simpler Time - this is a kinda short, one joke song that is funny, silly and sung very seriously and sweetly. He's been doing this one since early 2017
• ⁠Enthusiastic Consent - he's done this one before, but it's new this year. Introduces it by saying that R. Kelly songs haven't aged well. It's dirty, funny and sung with great enthusiasm.
• ⁠Socially Conscious Comedy - this one was new to me tonight. He had them put a ton of reverb on the mic. It was very funny. I don't think it was finished.
• ⁠Drake Song - this was super short, like 20 seconds. He talked about how Drake writes lots of songs about relationships, but you can tell they're only 3-6 month long ones, but he (Bo) has been in one for six years, so he thought he'd give it a try. It was short but hilarious, might even have got the biggest laugh of the night.
• ⁠Metaphor song - Bo does this one every show. At the Paul Sheer [sic] object show in August, when he only did one song, this was it.  It's reflective, funny, and really good. A good closer.

Bo and Paul at the Largo (with Jerrod Carmichael), and Paul as his manager in Repeat Stuff

Other stuff: He did mention again that it was a good time to have quit comedy (this was after the Trump bit). He seemed fairly relaxed. The audience were appreciative. Wore a blazer, which I hadn't seen him do before (he also pointed out that he was wearing it.). It was great to see him singing again.
ETA: the friend in LA that I'm visiting gets all the trade magazines, being in the biz, and she gave me one from this summer that has a great interview and pic that I haven't seen anywhere. I'll scan it and post it here when I'm back home.

November 30—Bo performed as a "friend" of Sarah Silverman per a Largo tweet.

2019 Performances:

June 12—

So Bo played at Largo in Los Angeles this evening as part of a benefit for LA Children’s Hospital, hosted by Judd Apatow.
Fun show, Bo was on last and was great. Not much standup, though he did lead the audience in a round of Happy Birthday for Judd.
Four songs, all new since Make Happy, but all ones he’s done at Largo several times.
1. ⁠Enthusiastic Consent. Nothing like Bo singing about his penis to take you back to the early days. Sung at the piano.
2. ⁠Drake Song. A riff on being in a relationship that lasts longer than Drake’s do sung on the stool with backing track and reverb.
3. ⁠Lorde/ Billie Eilish Song. Sung from the stool, dramatic lighting, sings most of it with his back to the audience. Lots of reverb on the mic.
4. ⁠Metaphor song. He’s done this every Largo show I’ve seen for almost three years now. Sweet, funny and a little sad. Sung at the piano.
Shallow: brown pants, white T-shirt, very soft looking beige sweater, blue underwear. Sorry, but if he’s gonna have them hanging out of his pants, I’m going to include it. :)
He seemed good. There was less of the pacing around stage that he’s done in the past, and there were no “this is just a hobby” or “I don’t do this anymore” comments.
Much fun, as always. Bo singing live is an amazing experience.
Adding: he did a short bit on how it was a fundraiser for LA Children's Hospital, that took a weird, dark turn, that he then joked how he'd lost the audience after he'd done so well with the progressive first song.
He also talked about how much he loves theme parks.
I don't think so, it wasn't that offensive.
One Jim Jefferies show I saw had him tell his absolutely worst joke right at the start and he said after he told it, it was to see if he could spare some people the time by getting them to leave right away. Too funny.

June 23—

So Bo played at Largo for the first time since March. He sang four songs, and it was great.
First song: Enthusiastic Consent.  He started playing this last year, and it doesn’t seem to have changed over time. It’s funny, dirty and all about how in this day and age you need to make sure everyone is on the same page before having sex. Singing about his penis, kinda like old times.

Reminds me of this block of text in Sexting

no pressure by the way at any point we can stop i just want to make sure ur comfortable all this and please dont feel obligated to send anything you dont want to just cuz i want things doesnt mean i should get them and its sometimes confusing because i think you enjoy when i beg and express how much i want you but I dont ever want that to turn into you feeling pressured into doing something you don't want or feeling like youre disappointing me this is just meant to be fun and at any point its not fun for we can stop and im sorry if me saying this is killing the mood i just feel

Second Song: Drake relationship song.  I saw him do a waaay shorter version of this last year (like 20 seconds of it) and he was calling it his R Kelly song (though he also mentioned RKelly [sic] in the intro this time too). It has a backing track, and he sings it perched on the stool. Slow jam, very funny.
Third song: Lourdes/Billie Eilish [sic] song. I saw him do this one in 2017. Back then he did it at the piano, now it’s a backing track. He does it on the stool again, but with his back turned to the audience, which is hilarious. (The pic above is from that song, facing out towards the audience.) Mood lighting and reverb on the mic. It’s a bit longer now then it used to be, there’s a little more at the end.
Fourth song: Metaphor song. He’s been doing this one pretty well every Largo show since he started back there in 2017. It’s serious and sweet and funny.
He told the pirate map joke from the Big Sick outtakes, and then said how he hasn’t told jokes for a couple of years.
Nikes, black jeans, white shirt, grey cardigan. Like, everyone’s grandpa’s favourite cardigan -soft, button up. He took the cardigan off after the first song. Three super sparkly bracelets.
He paced a bit in between songs, and says segues are weird, as he does. He was calling out lighting cues to the guy, which is so very, very, Bo. It was a fun evening.

July 11—

Bo played at Largo again tonight.  It was the same four songs he did a couple of weeks ago, all excellent.
Consensual sex: all about how these days you need to make sure both people are on the same page before having sex. Topical, hilarious, and Bo at his graphic best, singing about his penis.
Drake song: I saw him do this one in a much shorter version (about 20 seconds) last year. It probably got the biggest laugh of the night then, so no surprise that he’s turned it into a full length song. Backing track rather than playing the piano. Sits on the stool to sing it.  Intros it about Drake doing relationships songs, but that Drake seems to only be in relationships for a short time. So it’s a Drake-ish song about being in a long term relationship.
Lorde/Billie Eilish song: This is another one that has morphed from a short bit at the piano to a longer (though still not finished) one with a backing track. He sits dramatically on the stool with his back to the audience to sing it. Really funny.
Metaphor song: he’s been playing this one in full every show since January 2017. It’s sweet and funny. About yearning for something you don’t have.
Did the pirate map joke from the Big Sick outtakes.
And a new bit. He went on quite a rant about the new Lion King movie, and how it didn’t need a CGI realistic version. This morphed into a mention of the new Aladdin movie, and a BRUTAL joke about Robin Williams, and that if he hadn’t killed himself out of depression, he would’ve over the remake.

[Ed. note: The live-action Lion King, eh? Haha]

Shallow: black T-shirt, burgundy jeans, stripey socks, white sneakers and three sparkly bracelets.
This was the first time in a long time that he didn’t make a crack about him performing just being a hobby now, or that he doesn’t do it anymore. He seemed slightly more at ease when not singing than I’ve seen in the past. Less pacing/nervous than previously.

August 2—Bo was part of Sarah Silverman and Friends and, while he's not pictured in the tweet below, fans should recognize some familiar faces (Kate and Whitmer)!

2020 Performances:

March 3—Bo was one of Sarah Silverman's "Friends" again, along with Kate and John Early, and she called him a "genius" this time (she's NOT wrong there). Love the silver necklace!

Bo played at Largo in Los Angeles this evening. That was the third time in a week that he’s been there, after not having played since December.
He did four songs, and while they were all new since Make Happy, one of them was new new.
Sarah Silverman started doing a very effusive intro, calling him a genius, and then stop herself, saying that he wouldn’t like that.
He didn’t do much talking in between the songs. He put his phone on the floor to record his performance. At one point when he was at the piano he got up to move the mic stand so that it wasn’t blocking people’s view of him.
The songs:
• Enthusiastic Consent. Played at the piano. He intros this as something needed in this day and age, all about being absolutely sure your partner wants to have sex. It’s dirty and funny and a great song. He’s been doing this one for about a year.
• Drake Song. Done on the stool center stage to a backing track. It’s a song in the style of Drake, but for someone in a long term relationship, as opposed to Drake’s quick flings. Very funny. He’s also been doing this one about a year, but this one is one he’s been working on, I’ve seen him do a much shorter version in the early days of it.
• The Metaphor Song. Sung at the piano. This one is over two years old, and the only song he’s done every single time I’ve seen him, and always the show closer. It’s a sweet, sad, funny metaphor, that is simple but kind of thought provoking.
• Benevolent White Girl. This was the new one tonight and omg it was absolutely amazing. Done with a backing track, but the track is also him singing (think Nerds) as well as music. But he’s also interacting with the singing voice. He plays a young female character (I LOVE when he plays girl parts), and it’s basically about a young college aged girl out to change the world. It was hilarious, and he kinda danced a bit, and it was absolutely the highlight of the evening for me.
Shallow: Grey sweater with coloured stripes down the sides, jeans with a big rip in one knee, grey sneakers, and the usual hair. Accompanying pic is one I found from when he played a couple of days ago.
He seemed happy, though he shut down some “wooo-ing” in a funny way.
So with tonight’s new song that brings him up to ten complete or partials that he’s done since Make Happy. I’m so excited that he’s finally announced a show (April 9th) as most of his appeances are unannounced.

April 9—What was supposed to be Bo's first announced show at the Largo, but then the funniest thing happened. 😷

2021 Performances:

July 17—Chelsea Peretti and Friends (Bo was an unannounced guest)

This was his first performance since Inside had premiered on May 30. The other comedians were Chelsea (obviously), his good friend Nick Kroll, and Jermaine Fowler. I don't recognize the other female comic, but please let me know if you do!

I was there y’all
so cool! Just curious, what was his stage presence like? Was he having fun with it or was he playing into the more serious persona we saw in Inside?
He did seem kinda serious, and made a few comments between songs that were somewhat dark (but still hilarious). At one point he told us to enjoy the live arts while we still can.
sounds like it might have been stuff from 2019, according to another reply to me in this thread. It was three songs, about: a chicken; consent; Drake-style long term relationships.

There was also a tweet from an audience member that mentions "spiders," so one of the songs he performed was definitely Five Years ("Everyone's a feminist until there is a spider around.")

My comments on the performance (and wishing for a tour that never happened haha):

Fun fact: Chelsea and Bo go way back to the Judd Apatow Vanity Fair issue when they both appeared in a murder scene photoshoot along with John Mulaney, Amy Schumer, Hannibal Burress, and Reggie Watts.

They were also photographed at The Last Black Man in San Francisco movie premiere together (check out Bo in his cozy gray cardigan!), and Chelsea hosted the WGAs the year Eighth Grade won.

Bo even mentions this fact and asks the crowd to applaud for her in his acceptance speech!

Uh...Chelsea Peretti was incredible. Another hand for Chelsea Peretti. She's the greatest!

August 4—Bo's most recent performance at the venue sounded absolutely INCREDIBLE.

Pete Holmes was hosting and had tweeted on July 31 that there would be an "amazing musical guest," and the fandom was hoping that meant Bo...but it was EVEN better than we'd anticipated!

Bo AND Phoebe Bridgers were special unannounced guests for Pete Holmes' show along with Emily Catalano who shared a nice pic of Bo at the keyboard.

The pair had a That Funny Feeling duet together (and possibly were falling in love?), which you can read about here. Bo also sang The Chicken as the finale...what a night for those lucky attendees!

Largo tonight.
Ok, now that I can think straight and form proper sentences and I have enough service to use the actual app (thank you for the gentle reminders, PJ), I will tell you about Largo tonight.
I saw the post on Pete Holmes' Instagram that he'd reposted from Largo saying he'd have a musical guest one would regret not seeing and something in my gut was like "Bo. Go." So I booked a verrrry last minute flight and dragged my mom along because my friends had "adult responsibilities" or whatever.
We get to Largo and Pete is on FIRE and being so funny and great. He had two new folks with him that were both hilarious. Then he comes out with a bit that he'd been wanting to try and it was good, but he ends it with his big Pete toothy grin and is like "you guys don't even know...treasure this moment. This is like the drive to the movie. You have no idea what's about to happen and let's just enjoy this."
OH WHICH REMINDS ME before anything even started, he had been saying this kind of thing, but he's like "what is this crazy mic for? Who owns this?" And points to a vintagey mic set up. Then he points to a keyboard and is like "who does this belong to? Are they the same person?! what...they belong to different people 😆😉"
Okokokokok. So then he's like "you're not even gonna believe it when I say...let's welcome PHOEBE BRIDGERS" and everyone loses their minds. She does two songs that tear everyone to pieces and then before the third one is like "this next song just kills me because I wish I wrote it. I love it so much. I find things I really love just fill me with rage" and she's tuning. She looks over to stage left and is like "yeah, for sure, come on"
And everyone goes nuts. He's not loving that and tries to get us to focus back on Phoebe but I'm did this to yourself, buddy.
So he's like "please do not look at me at all during this or I will kill myself. I've never played this on piano before" and Phoebe says she will do the same, in solidarity.
She starts a strummin' and what's she playing?
That. Funny. Feelin'.
She's got a lead guitarist backing up her rhythm and a percussionist and Bo fuckin' Burnham over on the keys.
It was mind-blowing. He jumped in for harmonies a few times, but stopped. He explained later he was just so blown away by her that he couldn't bring himself to continue. They turned the outro into a really happy jam-bandy situation that matched the bubbles of joy in my heart.
It was weird to hear people laugh at a song that struck a more stoic/sad chord for a lot of us. Bo even commented there saying it was the first time that it had been performed live and the laughs kind of threw him, but he tried to tell Phoebe it was a funny song and she always says it's serious but then he's like " guys's kinda funny!" And made the Zach Stone "uh oh" face.
He did a short joke about comedy insult dogs and was just generally being delightful before closing the whole evening with a dramatic song about a chicken. Pete wrapped him in a big ol' hug and that was that!
For those who care:
Grey tee, dark jeans, siiiiiiick red and black Nikes, drinking (and splashing over the crowd during his stand up section) a Reed's Ginger Beer. His longer hair and beard are still here which is juuuuust fine with me 🙌. He kept his mask on his neck for a while and then was like...what, why is this still around my neck? And flung it to the floor before doing the chicken song.

When I walked in and saw the keyboard, my heart began pounding. But then I saw Phoebe's mic and was like...I could still be totally wrong. So then when Pete said the two items were for separate people I was like I KNEW IT, but every second he wasn't on stage, a part of me still doubted he'd really show.
Same here! Even with the keys set up it was still such a surprise especially after Phoebe. I knew for sure as soon as she started talking about playing a song she wishes she wrote.
I'm completely guessing here, but it seems like they may have been testing it out in front of an audience for the first time together, and he's a perfectionist, so doesn't want any versions online yet. Largo is just a low-pressure environment to try things.
Also, he seems to be trying to stay off social media except for announcements for the most part, and is surely aware of the excitement over Inside. He may be waiting out the obsessive response like when they were last seen together in that one tiktok. (I'm totally guilty of squeeing about it too.) He just has that cult-leader charisma :) Still aiming for that "healthy middle."

Yeah, I figured it was a Largo stand by when he was like "I've only got one in me tonight!" So I figured he'd do something from that catalogue. I definitely agree with you, but I also saw him grinning ear to ear while he played with Phoebe and that warmed my lil heart. He's taking little steps.

My best friend Nicole's comments:

Thank you so much for sharing these details! Sounds incredible.
Edit: Also I am DYING imagining the upbeat 'jam band' version of the outro.
With her two back up band guys, a foot or two tapping the stage, and Bo just having fun with the piano it totally felt that way. And everyone was grinning knowing they were creating musical magic. Ugh. I still can't believe it was real.

So he's like "please do not look at me at all during this or I will kill myself. I've never played this on piano before" and Phoebe says she will do the same, in solidarity.
Just to be clear, did Phoebe say she would also avoid looking at him out of solidarity, or that she would also commit suicide out of solidarity lol?
Haha, she clarified she would also kill herself.

My comments about this amazing show:

And that's it!

Bo has not performed live anywhere since he sang with Phoebe on the Largo stage in 2021.

We'll see if he ever does again...✌🏼

A very lucky fan getting a selfie with Bo after his final show at the Largo

In the meantime, here's the current list of songs the general public has not heard yet—coming soon, right Bo? ;)

  • Enthusiastic Consent (seems to have had this one in his back pocket most recently since he performed it again along with two Outtakes songs after Inside came out)

  • Lorde/Billie Eilish Song

  • Simpler Times (perhaps this became 1985?)

  • Socially Conscious Comedy

  • Mansplaining

  • Nazi Father

  • Another mystery song, maybe an alternate version of Five Years? This one was recorded apparently and is up on TikTok

An R&B song that...does
Goin' on a date
This is fucking crazy
You'll be "Girl, you look amazing"
All cuz she is super cool
Take a dip into this Uber Pool
Just wanna be your boyfriend and do BF thangs
We can use my gift certificate to P.F. Chang's
I've been sittin' in the backseat
Uber driver's talking 'bout his daughter who's a mathlete
Cool...keep your eyes on the road, please

Love the "Uber Pool" wordplay and his references are, as always, top-notch!

This little snippet also reminds me of the Flight of the Conchords' song "Hotties" as it just sort of describes the person's surroundings and what's happening on a mundane day. Although that one has a LOT more instruments (including a didgeridoo, I'm pretty sure).

For more on Bo and FotC, please click here.


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