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A Bo Burnham Interview a Day — March Edition

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Hi, everyone!

For my final months as BBH before pivoting to my new focus on stand-up comics, I wanted to really attack a few Bo ideas I had floating around in my head.

First and foremost, I saw a need to compile a list of the BEST interviews that Bo has given over the years.

With the release of Eighth Grade in particular, Bo was everywhere and had many enlightening conversations about teens and social media. And so many people have been seeking more content by Bo beyond his works.

While he may never officially talk about his masterpiece, I hope you all can take solace in the fact that SO many themes in Inside appear in most of these interviews—they are all very entertaining as well.


March 1: Good One with Jesse David Fox—this is a podcast episode, but the entire thing was filmed for Vulture.

Bo discusses the Kanye Rant, tells his favorite joke, and reads from Egghead

March 2: 92Y interview with Lauren Duca

March 3: H3—yes, it's another podcast, but the whole thing was filmed, so I am considering this an interview like the others. And it has so many references: hot dogs and peaches, Jerrod and the moon, spirituality, Bezos, Red Bull, etc.

March 4: Child Mind Institute—this interview went viral recently due to a TikTok edit by frightenedkiwi. Bo also mentions Tumblr during it!

March 5: The Delve—this was the first new interview I saw after falling down the rabbit hole in 2019 and has an EXCELLENT discussion of social media, The Green Room, etc.

March 6: DePaul—this has a great discussion about Snapchat, and the Q&A has a stereotypical liberal college kid (she sounds like Socko lol)

March 7: Tim Key—awkward British humor at its best (one word: ladles)

March 8: NPR (no video)

March 9: Douglas Rushkoff—this is another filmed podcast. You can see Rushkoff's influence all over Inside, per Josh Kingsford, and the two also discuss the economy of attention

March 10: Off Camera—while the entire black-and-white interview is available for purchase on Sam Jones' website, there is also a great YouTube playlist of select clips

March 11: Vice—this is a short segment, but you get to see his old house (kitchen, living room)

March 12: Talks at Google—this is Bo's Silicon Valley interview, and it's as awkward as you'd think it'd be (Bo needs to engage with his community on YouTube? Lol). Also has the potential origin of "This isn't a test"

March 13: The Atlantic—while the host is a bit snooty, Bo is as enlightening as always about YouTube, smartphones, and the Internet

March 14:—will Bo write a musical? In this theater-themed interview, he discusses that topic as well as Sondheim, the Book of Mormon, and Tim Minchin

March 15: Salon—this interview has a discussion of the Internet, Slaughterhouse Five, and the inability to reinvent yourself

March 16: Collider

March 17: The HartChart—this Austin Film Festival writer's interview with a sick-sounding Robert has a guest appearance by Mona and Bruce (aww!)

March 18: Time Out London

March 19: FSU Torch

March 20: TCNJ

  • In this 2011 interview, Bo mentions influences like Carlin and Demetri Martin and how Radiohead helped inspire him to rethink his comedy

March 21: 2 Minute Warning—another short interview, but this hits on teen crushes, Bo's love of peanut butter, and what he'd be doing now if not for comedy (drugs, he'd be doing drugs lol)

March 22: Bruin Film Society

March 23: Jacob Burns Film Center—this has the classic "Condolences" line after a woman says she teaches eighth grade

March 24: Hot Breath!—this is another recorded podcast with Elsie...make sure to watch as Bo sinks lower into his chair during the interview haha

March 25: BookTrib—this is a very LONG interview that covers everything

Fair warning, though: the host giggles awkwardly if that's an issue for you (it appears to be one in the comments ugh)

March 26: Just For Laughs—Comedy Matters TV with Jeffrey Gurian

  • 2011—Bo chats with Jeffrey about his act, Canada, and the possibilities of Google+. He also says "hwhite man" and spots Anthony Jeselnik during the interview

March 27: VidCon with Grace Helbig

March 28: Promising Young Woman interviews at Sundance—here's a handful of short interviews with the cast and Emerald Fennell

March 29: Kevin Smith IMDB interview—another Sundance 2020 one, but it's fun to see Bo and Kevin interact

March 30: MTV—this was one of the first vids I had liked/saved on YouTube! Haha

March 31: FabTV Promising Young Woman DVD Extras


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