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Two Bo Fans Watch The Inside Outtakes for the First Time

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

On May 30, 2022, my friend Kinja and I got together in the evening to watch Inside on its one-year anniversary (#InsideTurnsOne).

Two Bo nerds in our Tour shirts

After our viewing ended around 8, Kinja alerted me to a tweet from BO himself that said he'd be posting new stuff at 9 pm that night!

He had last tweeted in December about the vinyl release, so we knew this was IMPORTANT to Bo haha

As you can guess, we started freaking OUT and of course stayed up to watch the premiere of The Inside Outtakes on Bo's YouTube channel.

I had tried to upload the entire video on YouTube multiple times, but it kept getting blocked by Netflix (ugh). So, instead, here are some choice video clips of two die-hard Bo obsessives who traveled back and forth to NYC in one day to see Rothaniel.

Let's just say we're SERIOUS about our Bo consumption lol.

Enjoy our ramblings!

  • The disco ball sequence 🪩/Content —"Bo made this for us" 😉

  • "I'm a stupid little bitch"

  • Jeans ad (we had NO idea it was fake!)

  • Five Years (I figured out quickly that it was the Drake song Bo would perform at the Largo)

  • 30/Camera ad (we both loved Bo's fluffy hair in the ad lol)

  • Shit and Kinja predicting Inside Studios and the ICU before we even knew about them (I'm still totally down for the Inside/Outtakes double feature though!)

  • WTTI (the irony of Bo staring at his phone was not lost on us)

  • Bezos IV/mirror/Crypto ad (I was so excited to see Bo's hoodie and round mirror again! Haha)

  • Famous last words for The Chicken: "I've never heard this, but it's supposed to be funny" (I said this before hearing Bo's most emotionally devastating song oy!)

  • End of The Chicken (I point out the disco ball and that the song is "sad"—ya think?)

  • The ICU ("Is this a MARVEL thing?")

  • End credits/thumbnails (I still think the Secrets one was targeted at diehard fans dissecting everything...I definitely felt called out! lol)


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