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Terri, the RWNJ Rocko lover—a comedy routine

One humorous part of my social media past was running a parody Rocko's Modern Life account in 2019.

Called Rocko's Thoughts, it was pretty easy to set up. Every tweet was "_____ is a very dangerous day," with the blank filled in with whatever stupid Twitter holiday it was that day (Like "National Hot Dog Day is a very dangerous day.").

So I did this from January 2019 until January 2020 when I completely abandoned the account.

But that's just the background for the absolutely bizarre thing that happened to my silly parody account.

So, I had amassed a moderate following of 23 people, but I would get replies to my very basic tweets from people trying to actually converse with the nervous wallaby.

I had assumed most were pretty young or perhaps mentally impaired, but I'd respond back in character, saying "mate" and stuff since Rocko is Australian.

HOWEVER, there was one freak I never replied to...that would be Terri.

Oh, I'm sorry—her full name on Twitter was this weird mix of emojis:


This was legit my exact train of thought about if I should follow or interact with my BIGGEST fan who had made a cute joke about "Thesaurus Day" being a perilous day as well (definitely appealing to my word nerd self):

Me: So, that seems pretty innocent, right? Maybe a bit more law-focused than I would have preferred from Rocko’s followers, but Terri seems like she wants to rock out and hang at the beach. Cool!

Let’s read a bit further before I decide to follow one of the few people to interact with Rocko.



Me: That’s fine. Who doesn’t have a weird handle…maybe she’s a fan of James Polk and veggies? I’m still onboard, but there’s this weird list of sentences (?) and hashtags. Okay, let’s check THOSE out.

Cotton sharecropper's granddaughter.

Me: Huh…


Me: Okay, typo isn’t helping here…


Me: Oh no, no…


Me: Well, that explains the scales at least…

# AmericaFirst 🇺🇸

Me: Can this get any worse? Now I’m just curious…

# DrainTheSwamp

Me: Ah, there it is. What else ya got, you right-wing nut job lover of a Nicktoon character from the nineties?

# TermLimits

Me: Ugh…do these people know you don’t need to capitalize the letters in a hashtag?

🚫 # FakeNews # MSM

Me: Okay, this is definitely like my mother who calls anything but Fox News “the lapdog media.”

Um…do you think Terri ever realized that “no” could be accomplished by just writing “No”?

I mean, she’s written a novel already in her freakin’ Twitter bio.

So, long story short, Terri is now undoubtedly a member of Moms for Liberty, harassing school board members and burning books that say gay people exist.

And, no, I did NOT interact with or follow her.



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