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Jerrod Carmichael and Clothing—Part 5: The Golden Globes

Updated: May 26, 2023

For the return of the Hollywood Foreign Press's big night after a hiatus due to accusations of racism, the Golden Globes hired Jerrod Carmichael to host the awards ceremony fresh off of his Emmy win in September 2022.

On January 10, 2023 (a Tuesday night, which he rightfully mocked), Jerrod wowed the crowd in SIX different high-fashion ensembles.

Vogue claimed that Jerrod "brought his fashion A-game," while the New York Times included a writeup on his impeccable fashion sense:

Jerrod Carmichael, the host, set the tone with an opening monologue that addressed the Globes’ historical lack of diversity without pulling any punches and went on from there — with a matching set of six (count ’em) outfit changes that included two skinny black velvet suits (the first by Armani); a symphony of pinks; one white tuxedo with a sheer turtleneck and pearl necklace; and a Bode beaded tunic. It may be a record for number of award show looks worn by a single host.
If some fashion brand doesn’t sign him up immediately, it’ll be the biggest surprise of the night.

Vogue also proclaimed that Jerrod nailed his menswear choices:

He proved he could land a good joke, but even better outfits. Carmichael’s several changes throughout the evening were all about modern—and at times, unexpected—riffs on traditional menswear cues. Meaning, no boring black or navy suits here!

Let's take a look at each outfit and see how it fits in with his style post-Rothaniel!

Outfit 1—Black Armani velvet suit

Jerrod's first ensemble and his introduction to the crowd was in a simple (for him) black velvet suit with a textured design.

Here's his scathing opening monologue, where everyone caught a glimpse of Jerrod's laid-back comedy style and his honest explanation of being a gay Black man hosting a ceremony for a beleaguered organization (he knows exactly why he was hired and embraced it).

While the simple black suit was a great jumping-off point, Jerrod had many more ensembles up his sleeve!

Outfit 2—Rose pink suit

Pink is a go-to color for Jerrod, as evidenced by his peach sweatshirt at the premiere of 8 in 2017 and—more recently—the salmon pink suit he wore on The View.

Here, he opted to wear a paler pink outfit.

Vogue described the ensemble in the following way:

His dusty rose satin blazer, pink shirt (no tie), and salmon-beige pants were cohesive and fresh.

Outfit 3—Blue-and-black checkered suit

This stunning three-piece suit is what Jerrod had on when he made his most controversial joke of the night about Tom Cruise and Scientology.

He even had Leah Remini commenting on his jab at David Miscavige's missing wife!

CNN had this to say about the incident:

It was a scathing joke, delivered in Carmichael’s amiably off-handed style, and I’m sure a few people were offended, a few were scared and a lot were too shocked to be sure how to react.
Otherwise, I’d just be writing that Carmichael had seven costume changes and that his various blazers, long-coats and even one poncho were spectacular.

I also really appreciate the continuity here between the sunburst brooch on his impeccable suit and his sun pendant at the Emmys. Gorgeous!

Vogue mentioned the stunning pin as well:

Another outfit change—a blue, velvety plaid suit—was even punctuated with an Art Deco-style brooch on the lapel.

Outfit 4—Black suit with tassel necklace

Another black suit, this time complemented by a gold tassel necklace and small gold brooch (I don't think it's his R one, but please correct me if I'm wrong).

This is also the first ensemble where Jerrod is sporting a turtleneck, but it wasn't the last.

Outfit 5—White Atelier Cillian suit with turtleneck and pearl necklace

One of Jerrod's riskiest outfits that he pulled off with aplomb, this gorgeous white suit with a silver turtleneck and—a pearl necklace!—was perfect for him.

Considering he wore a white suit with no shirt for his Emmy-nominated stint hosting SNL and donned a white fur coat in September for the Emmys, Jerrod already knew he could wear the color with NO problems haha.

I also love the necklace because it signals Jerrod embracing who he really is, similar to his use of florals, flames, and loafers to emphasize and subvert notions of homosexuality.

Here's the description from Vogue:

He then changed into a full look by Atelier Cillian that included a white double-breasted suit and semi-sheer turtleneck, with a hint of his pearl necklace shining through.

Absolutely stunning, but the final ensemble was the crème de la crème!

Outfit 6—Bode black-and-white beaded tunic, white shirt, and black pants

Only Jerrod could pull off such an amazing ensemble so effortlessly.

Here's the specifics from Vogue (it was their top look as well):

The comedian’s best look of the whole night, however? It came near the end of the show, when he emerged in a fully-beaded Bode vest from the label’s fall 2022 collection. Paired with a crisp white shirt and classic black trousers, the statement piece was allowed to shine on its own. Sure, he was a good host and all, but in our hearts, he was also one of the night’s best dressed men.

I love the swirling bead pattern, and I especially appreciate that he kept everything else simple so that the vest was the main attraction (and how!).

Personally, I thought Jerrod was a wonderful awards host, and I am crossing my fingers that he'll shake up more dusty Hollywood institutions in the future.

Jerrod Carmichael, Oscars host?

We can only hope!

For more on Jerrod's clothing choices and their significance, please click here for the full list of deep dives.


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