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Jerrod Carmichael Primer: A thread published on Twitter on 3/28/22

Updated: May 17, 2023

Welcome to Jerrod Carmichael Week with #BoBurnhamHistorian!

To kick off this amazing week, I wanted to present a basic primer of Jerrod’s works and frequent collaborations with Bo.

This all leads up to Rothaniel, which premieres on Friday (April 1), and Jerrod hosting SNL (April 2)!

1. 8

Watch on: HBO Max

If you have no idea who Jerrod is or what his style of comedy is, this special is where you should start.

Directed by Bo in 2017, 8 was lauded for its cinematic and intimate portrayal of Jerrod and was the Best Stand-up Special of the Decade pick by Vulture:

Fun fact: As with any genre-defining piece of art, there were many people who didn’t get it at first.

Here’s an article that describes the disarray of that night.

And here’s one from Jeffrey Gurian, a person who’s interviewed Bo at Just for Laughs many times in the past (once in 2011, and then again in 2013)

2. After watching 8, you can then delve into Jerrod’s other works, starting with his first special directed by Spike Lee: Love at the Store

Watch on: HBO Max

Fun fact: Spike Lee is the person Bo and Lorene are giving a standing ovation to in this pic from the DGAs in March!

3. Jerrod’s next special is actually a pair of documentaries about his life: Home Videos (about the women in his family) and Sermon on the Mount (about the men and the consequences of their actions).

This is essential viewing to truly grasp everything he’ll discuss in Rothaniel.

Watch on: HBO Max

4. The Carmichael Show

Watch on: Hulu

While it seems like a standard network sitcom, Jerrod co-created, wrote, and starred in this wonderful show that features topical subjects and an amazing cast (Lil Rel Howery, David Alan Grier, Tiffany Haddish!!)

Three seasons are available to stream on Hulu currently.

Fun fact: Bo and DAG share a few scenes together in The Big Sick!

5. Finally, Jerrod has had cameos in a number of movies, most notably Neighbors and its sequel (here he is in an interview with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whom we all know will appear again in Promising Young Woman!)

Watch on: HBO Max

And he’s a director himself!

Jerrod directed Drew Michael’s surreal, self-titled comedy special in 2018 that had no audience and was performed in a black box (sound sorta similar to a certain someone’s special? Lol)

Watch on: HBO Max

And he directed Lil Rel Howery's 2019 comedy special set in a school gymnasium!

Watch on: HBO Max

Looking to the future of Jerrod and his works, we have his 2021 Sundance debut, On the Count of Three, that he acted in and directed to look forward to (released in theaters on 5/13/22)

Watch on: Hulu

and, of course, Rothaniel that's directed by Bo!

Watch on: HBO Max

UPDATE: Jerrod also has a reality show that will be premiering in 2023, and he has a part in Yorgos Lanthimos's Poor Things. He looks amazing in the teaser trailer, so I have HIGH hopes for this film.

Hope you enjoyed this deep dive into Jerrod’s works!

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