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An Interview with NeddyEdits, a Prolific Bo Content Creator

Did you know that the creator of the massively popular 4-panel Bo videos on YouTube also assembled an Inside Marvel title sequence BEFORE Bo uploaded The Inside Outtakes?

Yes, it's true. NeddyEdits has been editing together some of the best videos on the Internet—and he also makes stunning posters! Insane.

I couldn't believe one person could do all these different types of media so successfully, so I reached out to him to talk about his creative process and why Inside is so meaningful to him.

Here is my interview with Neddy, which has been edited and condensed for clarity purposes.

Stand-Up Comedy Historian: Hi, Neddy! Thanks for taking the time to discuss your Bo content today.

Neddy: Sure! It's no problem.

SUCH: Fantastic! First, please provide some basic information about yourself.

Neddy: I am from southeast England. I am 25 years old (turning 26 on March 19th), and I have a master's degree in film production. I work at a cinema. 

SUCH: That's cool. Congrats on your master's degree!

So what compelled you to create your first video? When did you get started? And what software/tools do you use for editing?

Neddy: I created my first Bo Burnham-related video after watching the Inside special.

My first video was the "Bo Burnham: Inside Summed Up In Just Under 6 Minutes" one.

I made this because I loved the special, and it compelled me to put something together.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos.

SUCH: Nice! I only edit words, not videos, but that seems like really useful editing software.

When did you first discover Bo and his work? Are you a longtime fan or a newer one because of Inside?

Neddy: I have been a fan of Bo for many years. I remember watching the what. special when it first dropped and falling in love with Bo's content.

I was very sad after Make Happy because I expected that to be his last special.

SUCH: Yes, same here! I had no idea he'd ever make another comedy special after Make Happy.

So what is your process for editing videos? How long do they typically take to make from concept to uploading on YouTube?

Neddy: This is going to sound crazy, but I can get an idea and have the video edited within 24 hours.

As somebody who has ADHD, my brain goes into overdrive, and I hyperfocus until I finish the thing I'd started.

I know if I don't get it completed and uploaded as soon as possible, it will probably never get finished. 

SUCH: Wow—24 hours is really fast!

I can definitely relate to that drive you have and needing to pursue creating things until they're finished. I struggle with procrastinating too much personally.

What's your favorite video or art that you've created? Least favorite?

Neddy: My favorite Bo video I have created is "It's Okay Not To Be Okay" because the meaning behind it is something I can relate to, and I made it at a time when I needed to hear the message myself.

My least favorite video is a bit more difficult because if I dislike something I make, it just never gets uploaded. Looking through my videos, there isn't any i genuinely dislike, for the reason I mention.

SUCH: That video is lovely, and I'm glad you've found inspiration from Bo to tackle your mental health issues.

Why did you make the four-panel Inside music videos? Were you surprised by how popular they've gotten (Shit, for example, is at 1.8 million views currently)?

Neddy: I made them because at the time the original videos weren't on Youtube, and I guess I thought it was cool to upload them to be like, "Look, free content!"

Looking back now, I probably shouldn't have done it. It's not cool to steal content without adding anything to it.

The reason they are in the four panels is to get past the copyright checker. It took many attempts for it to go through without being blocked worldwide.

I know the four panels annoyed a lot of people because I got many comments telling me to upload them normally. I would have done it if it were that simple.

I never expected them to blow up in popularity the way they did. It was a shock—and it still is—especially seeing the views still climbing over a year and a half later. 

SUCH: I bet! Even though you're stealing Bo's stuff, I doubt he minds. He's always been really cool about piracy ("that's the way it should be if you ask me").

Your Inside trailers in the style of other genres are some of my favorite things on the Internet—they are all incredibly professional!

How do you match the music with the imagery so well? And were you as shocked as we all were by Inside Studios (Bo's Marvel riff in The Inside Outtakes)? You seriously nailed it before he did lol.

Neddy: I am glad you like them; comments like that are the reason I keep creating things. I don't do this for any other reason other than to make people smile. 

I have a bachelor's and a master's degree in film production. This means the way I have learned to edit for the last nine years is based on storytelling. I had to learn how to tell a story.

When it comes to editing, this has stuck with me. However, a lot of the time when I chose shots for my Bo edits, it was because the shot looked cool, without really thinking about it.

Then, when I watched the edited version back, it made sense in the context of the video. I do this a lot with my editing; I have an eye for a good shot or cut without having to think too hard about it.

That probably sounds cocky, but it's a skill I am proud of. 

The Inside Studios bit made me laugh because I made the "in the style of Marvel" video before the Outtakes dropped. [Ed. note: Neddy uploaded it on 5/4/22, 26 days BEFORE Bo!]

It was cool for that to happen, and it made me smile. 

SUCH: That entire segment made me laugh hysterically (you can watch my first reaction here)! Such great parody lol.

So your newest trailer for the special in the style of Willem Dafoe’s INSIDE is fantastic (I love the thumbnail comparison of Bo in the ghillie suit with Willem!).

I especially enjoy the comedic elements like the line in the original trailer about being locked out juxtaposed with Bo trying to get back into the guesthouse desperately. And the house on fire part is PERFECT with Comedy haha. What was the inspiration for this video? Bo's Instagram Story in January?

Neddy: I am glad you like the video; that was an edit I wasn't too sure about, and it nearly didn't get uploaded.

However, the response it received on YouTube and Reddit made it worth it. I can't remember the timeline, but I think I saw that Bo posted about it after I had finished the edit but before I uploaded it.

I just remember opening the subreddit and seeing people posting the Inside poster and saying how similar it was to Bo's version. That's what inspired me to make the video. 

SUCH: That's cool that the Bo subreddit inspired you!

Speaking of Reddit, I also really enjoy all of the posters you've created for Bo's songs that you post on there.

How do you come up with those? Are they easier or harder to create than your videos?

Neddy: Graphic design is something I don't have massive talent in, so I made those posters as a way to test what I can put together that wasn't a video.

I guess it is the movie production brain I have and the idea of making movie posters for things that aren't movies. They were challenging because they were outside of my skill set. 

SUCH: For someone who doesn't have a graphic design background, they look fantastic. I especially love the little touches like one stars "BASED SOCKO" while the other includes "Peanut Butter Sandwich." Haha [Ed. note: You can read more about Comrade Socko here and Bo and PB here].

So what's your favorite Bo song? Special? Feel free to name more than one.

Neddy: My favorite song is "Are you happy?" I remember that song hitting me in the feels at the time, especially as I thought I wouldn't see a Bo special again in a very long time, and we in fact didn't get one for awhile. 

While I adore Inside, Make Happy is my favorite.

SUCH: Yes! Those are my favorite specials too.

Have you ever met Bo in person? Seen him perform live?

Neddy: I haven't, and I can only dream about doing so. 

SUCH: Agreed!

What's up next for you? Any future projects in the works?

Neddy: I currently don't have any idea what's next. I work a lot at the moment, so finding the time to create can be hard.

However, my goal this year is to create more content, expanding my YouTube channel away from Bo Burnham content if possible.

Unless Bo feeds us some content sooner than we expected, then I will continue to make Bo content. 

SUCH: Yup, same here. I feel like I've exhausted the topic myself, which is why I am also moving away from doing solely Bo content. Can't wait to see your new stuff!

So how can people best support your work? And do you have any social media you'd like to plug?

Neddy: The best way people can support my work is by continuing to enjoy it.

I don't make money from my videos due to copyright, and this even includes any of my own original content, thanks to Youtube blacklisting my channel from monetization. 

I will never ask for money from people using other sources, so the best way people can support me is by watching my content and enjoying it. If I can make one person smile with a video I make, then the effort of making that video was worth it. 

People can find me on YouTube as NeddyEdits, on Twitter as @NeddyEdits, and on Reddit as u/justareallifememe. 

SUCH: Well this has been delightful. Thanks again for chatting, and I look forward to seeing your non-Bo content soon!

Neddy: It's been a pleasure.


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