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An Inside Video Essay every day: Thread published on Twitter on 4/1/22-4/30/22

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Today is April 1st, which means a new thread from the #BoBurnhamHistorian.

As I'd mentioned before, I will be posting one Inside video essay each day this month, with a focus on smaller creators (you've probably already seen FD Signifier and CJ the X already).

  • April 1: Comedy Without Errors—Bo Burnham - Inside In Context

This is my absolute FAVE analysis of Bo's masterpiece. Creator Josh Kingsford delves into thematic threads with Bo's past works and, though it's an hour-long vid, the time FLIES BY.


  • April 2: Thomas Flight — Why Is Bo Burnham's Inside Like That?

Not a small creator, but Thomas Flight's video essays are always brilliant, and this is no exception. He thoughtfully examines the special through homages (love the Steve Jobs-like segment!).

And he edited together a really clever horror movie trailer for Inside!

  • April 3: Sarah Van Dusen—Inside | Bo Burnham And The Meaning of Colour

This is CRIMINALLY under the radar, IMO, and deserves to be seen by all Bo fans.

Sarah talks about Bo's use of color theory in Inside while PAINTING a gorgeous picture of Bo simultaneously!

  • April 4: Katie Mears—Let’s Talk about Bo Burnham’s INSIDE

Katie is a comedy journalist who covers a wide spectrum of comedians from the past and present. In this video, she dissects Inside and how it made her feel as a fan of Bo.

Check it out!

2023 UPDATE: Looks like Katie has made her video private since I had initially written this list. Please watch her incredible essay on Clapter and Pandering instead, and sorry for any confusion (the perils of online can always change).

If you enjoyed this video, I highly recommend her first one on Bo and Aristotle’s Poetics

(and all of her other vids…the James Acaster and Demetri Martin ones are particularly good!).

  • April 5: ThinkBigAnimation — Performing in the Age of Loneliness | Inside by Bo Burnham

This vid discusses the many ways Bo captured how we all felt during quarantine. It even breaks down the meaning of the term “Inside” (which I love as a #wordnerd)!

  • April 6: Now You See It—How Bo Burnham Did The Impossible

This is another popular creator, but I had to include it on this list.

The vid describes Bo’s camera choices and even compares Inside to The Shining, which is fascinating and so true!

  • April 7: Molasses Tea—Bo Burnham Inside: The Kind of Thing Film Is Made For

This wonderfully edited video essay discusses what makes Inside so special and how it's a FILM, not just a Comedy Special. Enjoy!

If you like that one, Molasses Tea also has an amazing video about the casting choices in Promising Young Woman (the Oscar-winning film that features Bo as the love interest).

  • April 8: Tucker Tota—How Bo Burnham Made Inside

Ever wonder what equipment Bo uses in his special?

Creator Tucker Tota has the answers in his compelling vid about the technical aspects of Inside (but my fave part is him noting the stove clock flashing throughout!).

  • April 9: Garrett McDowell—Bo Burnham: Inside – Comedy Amid Tragedy

This video discusses the way Bo has played the role of sad clown throughout his career and how Inside is his most introspective special yet. Enjoy!

  • April 10: Amor Sciendi—The Sadness of "White Woman's Instagram" by Bo Burnham (from Inside)

Aside from having beautiful YT thumbnails, this channel uses art to better understand pop culture. This particular vid explores the heartbreaking bridge of White Woman's Instagram.


  • April 11: Ben Hoerman—Inside: Exploring That Funny Feeling

In this video essay/loving homage to the special, creator Ben Hoerman discusses how Inside affected him personally. Check it out!

  • April 12: Jangles ScienceLad—Everything All of the Time: Bo Burnham and the Research Behind 'Inside'

In this video, the creator explores the themes of Inside through research on digital media and his own experiences turning 30 (TW: suicide discussed).

If you enjoyed that one, he also has a lovely review up of Rothaniel that's well worth your time. Check it out!

  • April 13: Database Ranger's Power Reviews—How INSIDE Got Inside My Head (and maybe yours too)

What does a Power Rangers YT channel have to do with Bo? A great deal, apparently, as this vid is incredibly dense and fascinating. Enjoy!

  • April 14: Denims—What Made INSIDE So Uncomfortable?

This thoughtful examination of the special and its relation to the Absurd is truly fascinating.

I really enjoyed the Sisyphus part!

  • April 15: Brancake—Bo Burnham's Inside and The Process of Derealization

This Inside video essay is fantastic and goes into the specifics of derealization and the pandemic.


  • April 16: Cass Eris—Bo Burnham's Inside | Creative and Depressed Resonance

Is Inside real? This question is answered somewhat in this video about content creation and psychology. I'll never look at Bo's blowup the same way, that's for sure!

  • April 17: The Week I Review—Bo Burnham: Inside is the best comedy special, whatever that means

This deeply personal take on Inside is fascinating, and the hourlong review flies by quickly.

Fun fact—the creator almost attended a Make Happy taping!

And, if you enjoy Alec’s reviews, his most recent one was about Rothaniel—I highly recommend it!

Finally, another Bo connection: Alec reviewed Promising Young Woman in the past year, and his empathetic take on the film is definitely worth a watch too!

  • April 18: JARBS—The Genius of Bo Burnham's Inside

In this short but informative video, the creator delves into self-awareness and sincerity in Bo's works. The reviewer also breaks down Bo's career into four stages (Inside being the latest). Enjoy!

  • April 19: The AyDad TV Special—What Makes Bo Burnham So Rewatchable?

How many times have you watched Inside? If you can't even begin to count the number (guilty), this vid is for you. The creator breaks down WHY Bo's mix of music and comedy is addictive. Enjoy!

  • April 20: Marcus John Henry Brown—Inspired-6 things we can learn from Bo Burnham's INSIDE

Happy #420day! In honor of one of Bo's favorite numbers, I give you a bizarre/fun vid to watch after partaking.

The creator/performance artist even wears a ghillie suit in it!

  • April 21: Willdrenner 1—Bo Burnham’s Existential Genius

This video essay is an hour-long dissection of Bo’s themes throughout the years, and the creator of it is only 15 years old!

I’m also going to start calling Bo “Robert Roastpork”—too clever!

  • April 22: the redheadboi recap—Bo Burnham is a genius

In another criminally underrated vid (less than 200 views?!), this small creator delves into how Inside captures disconnection and the struggles of making and presenting your art. Check it out!


If you're seeking an intriguing take on Inside but have watched CJ the X one too many times, might I suggest this vid? It's just as fast-paced and entertaining!

  • April 24: RobRabonPhotog—All of the Gear Used on Bo Burnham Inside

Similar to Tucker Tota’s video (April 8), this informative look at the specific gear (mics, lights, instruments, etc.) Bo uses is fascinating.

Fun fact: I own the Welcome to the Internet star projector (and you can get it too)!

  • April 25: Nate's Film Reviews—Bo Burnham's Inside (2021)

In this short and informative vid, the small creator discusses the power of Inside and how it affected him (also turned 30 in 2020).

I think Bo should have been nominated for an Oscar too, Nate!

  • April 26: Kane Midge—Why is Inside so good? | A Bo Burnham Retrospective Video Essay

In this well-edited vid (love the shadow effect!), the small creator dives into aspect ratios, musical motifs, and other components that make Inside so special. Check it out!

  • April 27: ItsRadishTime—how to get off the content treadmill

In this vid inspired by Michaela Coel’s incredible Emmys speech, the creator discusses the importance of retreating to make things, a sentiment Bo has expressed many times. Enjoy!

  • April 28: Alexandra Kane—Bo Burnham, Inside and the Internet's Identity Crisis

In an incredibly detailed and well-edited video, Alexandra discusses how the special examines five ways the Internet is facing an existential crisis.

Check it out!

  • April 29: Houston Coley—INSIDE: Bo Burnham's Masterpiece of Digital Claustrophobia

In this review of Inside that's stuck with me, the creator dissects the lyrics and meaning of the special.

I also really enjoy the term "digital claustrophobia"—so apt!

  • April 30: Antony Harwood—Bo Burnham: Inside (and why I struggle with creativity)

To finish off the month, here's a small creator providing a meditation on the creative process. It's visually arresting, and I love seeing him rep the Projection t-shirt.

That's all for this month. Hope you've enjoyed this deep-dive thread into video essays!

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