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A Bo Burnham Podcast a Day — April Edition

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

As I had mentioned with last month's post about Bo's best interviews, I am trying to compile all of my research before shifting away from Bo content entirely.

So for this daily list, I've included his most entertaining and engaging podcast episodes. All I can say after listening to Bo speak so eloquently is that he needs to do his own comedy podcast—Bo Burnham's Inside The Podcast, perhaps? Lol

Here's at least one episode per day for the month of April. Enjoy!

April 1: You Made It Weird

the king of all Bo discussions. You want to learn what Bo thinks about free will, weed, and Ricky Gervais? These are the episodes for you, and each is approximately 2 hours long (although the third one clocks in at over 3 hours). A must-listen for comedy nerds, and don't worry—you'll get used to Pete's loud laugh!

April 2: If I Were You 2016—

featuring Bo wearing a BIRMINGHAM ODDITIES shirt and answering some of the most bizarre questions with CollegeHumor alumni Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld.

Here they are teaching you how to play an instrument to get you laid in 2010—arpeggio!

April 3: Anna Faris Is Unqualified 2018 —

if you want to hear more about Bo's long-term relationships, this is the podcast for you! The episode also has a really hilarious "audition" for Anna for the upcoming film Ninth Grade haha

April 4: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig 2018—

27 minutes in, he mentions that he'd be up for posting a YouTube-exclusive item—Outtakes, baby!

Also the Tumblr Harry Potter reference at 48:50 minutes in seems to be like the line in WTTI: "You have to represent like Malfoy and Harry like kissing in a sketch made with purple colored pencil"

April 5: The X-treme DND Podcast 2018—this is definitely one of Bo's funniest episodes, in which he plays a game of Dungeons & Dragons with Jerrod Carmichael and Gillian Jacobs (Brita from Community) with Elsie Fisher as the DM!

April 6: A24 Podcast 2018—

this discussion with Jerrod Carmichael includes references to Deadpool, the Internet, and maintaining mystique in the digital age among other topics. A must-listen for Bo and Jerrod fans!

April 7: Zall Good 2018—

this podcast hosted by Alexis G. Zall features a discussion with Bo's older sister Samm as well as Bo and gives you some insight into the Burnham household...really fascinating!

April 8: The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith 2014—

Bo discusses with host Stuart Goldsmith how his comedy style is full of magic and surprise, cool comics hating on Dane Cook (whom he's performed with irl), and his young audience.

I love how Bo says "welcome to the Internet" while referencing his first YouTube comment!

April 9: WTF with Marc Maron—the king of comedy podcasts, Bo appeared twice on Maron's show. Plus, they were on the Green Room together with Judd Apatow, Ray Romano, Paul Provenza, and the late great Garry Shandling!

April 10: The Guilty Feminist 2017—

this podcast does not have Bo as a guest, but it mentions him at 24 minutes in supporting host Deborah Frances-White who was being heckled in Australia. She notes that Bo was acting as an ally for her in 2009 and letting the heckler have it before singing "a song about maths" (love it!)

April 11: Bill Simmons Podcast 2018—

Bo chats with Bill and his teen daughter about Eighth Grade

April 12: Design Matters 2019—

Host Debbie Millman discusses Bo's film (and his D&D game as mentioned above for April 5!) with Bo and Elsie

April 13: The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder 2018—

Could this be the real-life inspiration for the comic Podcast parody, perhaps? ("He's just MURDERING")

April 14: I Think You're Interesting 2018—Emily St. James talks to Bo about his movie, YouTube culture, and much more. Emily also brings up Lindsay Ellis and Bo knows her YouTube videos, which is neat (I used to love her as the Nostalgia Chick!)

April 15: Happy Sad Confused 2021—

This is one of the three interviews Bo did during the making of Inside in January of 2021. Here, he talks to host Josh Horowitz about the pandemic and his role as Ryan Cooper in PYW

April 16: Pop Culture Confidential 2021—Another Inside-timed interview for PYW from March in 2021; this is also the most recent interview Bo has actually given and Bo almost missed it because he'd gotten the times mixed up haha!

April 17: U Up? 2020

This is the final interview Bo did during Inside, from December of 2020. Hosts Jared Freid and Jordana Abraham discuss online dating culture and talk to Bo about PYW and TikTok (no, Bo is not planning to post on there anytime soon!)

April 18: The Fogelnest Files with Jake Fogelnest 2013—This episode features a discussion with Bo about his newest special at the time, what.

April 19: Groucho Reviews 2018—

Bo talks to host Peter Canavese and compares himself to Bugs Bunny when performing on stage among other topics

April 20: Girls on Film 2019—

Bo was the first male interviewee for this podcast about women talking about movies! Bo also discusses social media and how it quantifies popularity, noting that Twitter came out when he was 19 and how different it would have been had he been 14 instead

April 21: American Masters (with Josh Hamilton) 2019—

This is one of my favorite interviews from the Eighth Grade era, as host Josh Hamilton (who plays Kayla's loving father in the film) discusses Bo's past in stand-up comedy, his "selective honesty," and how everyone is performing all the time

April 22: The Cinema Files 2018—

this podcast includes a discussion of Twitter, social media, and anxiety

April 23: A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume 2009—

This is the earliest podcast episode with Bo that I could find; he was 18 (!) and discusses a protest at one of his shows, his nascent comedy career, and his first Comedy Central special and album. He also mentions his movie (not Eighth Grade, obviously, but the dead-in-the-water anti-High School Musical one he was writing with Judd Apatow) and how addictive Twitter is (boy, how times have changed!)

Fun fact: Bo and Ken bring up Christopher Mintz-Plasse and how he gets all of the roles Bo's auditioned for...Chris was also in PYW!

April 24: Cinephile with Adnan Virk 2018—

Bo chats with Adnan Virk about how his film is not quotable but emotional as well as how he got his name (he's not a Western star or a Southern quarterback lol)

April 25: Richard Herring Edinburgh Fringe 2013—

Bo chats with host Richard Herring during the Fringe Comedy Festival in Scotland; highlights include Bo talking about the Muppets and his Easter egg hunt disaster (i.e., the reason his teeth didn't glow in the Outtakes)

April 26: Mom and Dad Are Fighting (Slate) 2018—

Bo is interviewed along with the executive editor of Common Sense Media about his film, social media, and kids interacting with technology and growing up

April 27: The RELEVANT podcast 2018—this is a Christian faith program, so feel free to skip to 41 minutes in to hear Bo discuss his film and the Internet

April 28: Making It with Riki Lindhome 2011—

One half of the famous musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates (along with Bo's celeb bowling teammate Kate Micucci), Riki discusses Bo's YouTube past and the alt comedy scene in LA

Fun fact: Riki was at that huge comedy brunch last May with Bo, Jerrod, John Mulaney, and others!

April 29: Professor Blastoff 2013—

Hosts Tig Notaro (who also attended the brunch as seen above!), Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntsberger talk with Bo live at Just For Laughs in Montreal about—what else—the Internet haha

April 30: Dissect podcast about Inside (9 episodes and a bonus reaction ep about the Outtakes) 2022—

Again, this isn't an interview with Bo, but any fan of his masterpiece needs to listen to host Cole Cuchna's thorough analysis of the entire special—highly recommended!

  • Cole talks with Hasan Minhaj and brings up that Inside is the focus of the new season (Bo and Hasan were in Rough Night together!)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 1)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 2)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 3)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 4)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 5)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 6)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 7)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 8)

  • Dissecting INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Part 9)

  • Bonus Inside Outtakes reaction with Cole and Camden Ostrander


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