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Weird Al and Bo Burnham: A short thread published on Twitter on 6/2/22

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In all the excitement of Bo tweeting again (!), I forgot that I wanted to highlight this tweet from "Weird Al" Yankovic himself about Inside and the famous Venn diagram.

Bo and Weird Al are obviously both musical comedians who write phenomenal parody songs, and comparisons between the two come up a lot.

Redditors also pointed out the similarities (and I definitely agree that Welcome to the Internet is the most Al-like song in Bo's masterpiece).

The Playlist's article about the best soundtracks of 2021 said this about Inside:

As Wario is to Mario, so is Bo Burnham to Weird Al Yankovic. This is not a hard reach to make; in his new comedy special-cum-one-man-show-cum-avant-garde-pandemic cinema, the Hamilton, Massachusetts YouTube star references Yankovic himself early and directly, as if to kneecap critics ready and eager to make the comparison in their yet-to-be-written reviews.

And Bo was even introduced by Weird Al for his comedy set at Just for Laughs in 2011 (the year is wrong in the title)!

I LOVE what Weird Al says at the end of that video:

"Bo Burnham on the piano or, as I call it, the poor man's accordion."

It's actually pretty fascinating to watch this fan recording against the professional video clip posted on JFL's YouTube channel.

Bo kicking his foot while saying "and the tag" about his firefighter joke

Bo also titled a Vine of his where he is singing new lyrics to Daft Punk as "Look Out Weird Al"!

Finally, I came across a tweet from Nick Thune that includes a photo taken at the Festival Supreme of Bo and Weird Al with Bridget Everett and Dan Finnerty, per Nick (I only recognize three of the four).

Jeez, what a fantastic lineup—and Jerrod Carmichael was there! Crazy

Can't wait to see more interactions between the two comedy legends in the future!


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