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The Most Confusing Lyrics in Inside Deluxe

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

This is a post I wrote on my now-defunct BBH Tumblr account about the lyrics I had found most perplexing in Bo Burnham's two albums: Inside (The Songs) and The Inside Outtakes.

Luckily, Bo has gifted his fans with a lyric book, complete with every line from his most recent specials (except for the alt version of All Eyes On Me—that one is still a mystery for now).


And here's an unboxing video from last December filmed by my ex-husband (I was upset that I didn't get a special doodle but bounced back quickly lol):


I FINALLY can confirm some specific lyrics that were difficult to make out in the original songs. Here are the ones I was most excited about:

  • Yes, Bo went all British on us for FaceTime With My Mom (Tonight)—he does say "mum" to rhyme with "thumb"

  • The line in Problematic is not "If I wanna catch up" but "If I'm gonna catch up" (I kept hearing it both ways lol)

  • Welcome to the Internet is not "do a Zoomer" but "do a Zoom, or" (I know this one befuddled many fans early on)

  • One of the big ones for All Eyes On Me—it is "Hands down, pray for me/Heads down now, pray for me" (yay! I always thought it was that haha)

  • Not a confusing or mumbled lyric, but it's interesting that "staying inside" in Goodbye is in all caps (maybe related to his YouTube bio?)

This is obviously old in terms of the view count lol

  • I was wrong—1985 does have "I am the thing he is/But he is it when I want" (still not sure what that means; I thought it was "he isn't when I want"). Luckily, a kind Tumblr user explained the reasoning to me!

  • Microwave Popcorn is "it's already popped" not "bitch, I be hot" (as one Twitter Bo lyric bot account kept mistakenly suggesting haha)

  • And we finally get all the voices at the end deciphered ("String them as Christmas ornaments!" Duh!)

Bonus: Here are the lyrics for one of my all-time favorite songs—That Funny Feeling.

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