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Bo Burnham's Entire Discography

Updated: Feb 9

I often see people online asking where particular songs by Bo are or why there is no Make Happy CD on Spotify.

Rather than answer these frequent questions again and again, I decided that I'd create a primer of Bo's albums that people can easily access on my website.

If you are looking for Bo's roles in movies and TV instead, please check out this comprehensive primer.

Hope y'all find this helpful, and remember—to press it onto vinyl is a whole other thing.

It's gonna outlive him!

Bo's albums:

Bo Fo Sho—available digitally

  • Bo's first album, published in 2008

  • Features six of Bo's YouTube songs, including My Whole Family..., Sunday School, and H.O.A.R.

Bo Burnham—available digitally and on CD

  • Bo's first full-length album, published in 2009

  • Includes multiple extra tracks: I'm Bo Yo (studio), Rehab Center for Fictional Characters, Welcome to YouTube, Bonus Track (Little Adolf)

  • Has a DVD featuring his Comedy Central Presents as well as a tour of Bo's house and the music video for High School Party

  • Includes two songs that are no longer digitally streaming: The Perfect Woman (a love song about Helen Keller that Bo wrote when he was 16) and Klan Kookout (a hilariously risque song from the POV of a Klan member)

That's a familiar pose to Inside fans lol

That last one looks like an earlier version of The Dump, right?

Words Words Words—available digitally and on CD

  • Bo's first album that coincides with his hourlong special on Comedy Central, published in 2010

  • Two studio tracks: Words Words Words and Oh Bo (both have music videos!)

"don't let that rot go"...did no one proofread this?

what.—available digitally and on CD

  • Bo's second album that coincides with his hourlong special on YouTube/Netflix and his last collaboration with Comedy Central Records, published in 2013

  • Includes five studio tracks: Repeat Stuff; Eff; Nerds; Channel 5 News: The Musical!; Hell of a Ride

  • Features one music video for Repeat Stuff

  • Might be returning to shelves with new physical reprinting (fingers crossed!)

Make Happy—does NOT exist digitally OR physically

The reason for this is Netflix, per Bo in his AMA:

Bo, oh my god. Where is the Make Happy album?
Not coming for a while (or maybe at all). There's a bunch of weird legal stuff in the way of making it, which I don't totally mind because I think the show should be watched and heard together. But there's a bunch of audio rips out there that you can download if you want to. Sorry!

In lieu of there not being a legitimate version, you can thankfully listen to all of Bo's songs from his third comedy special on YouTube in this playlist.

Inside (the Songs)—available digitally and on CD, cassette, and vinyl; published in 2021

  • First album with Imperial Records

  • Features the Grammy-winning All Eyes On Me and Welcome to the Internet (Bo's most popular song to date with 100 million+ views)

  • Multiple vinyl variations: Translucent Yellow (Target), Black (Amazon and Bo's website), Coke Bottle Green (Indie stores), and Eggshell White (Urban Outfitters...should have included a dreamcatcher with each purchase lol)

  • Not pictured: Pink (Spotify exclusive)

The Inside Outtakes—available digitally; published in 2022

  • This album features two brand-new songs that only appear briefly in the First Month section of the Outtakes: 1985 and Microwave Popcorn (or if you only know them from TikTok—"white guy 1985" and "put the packet on the glass" haha)

Inside Deluxe—available digitally and in a stunning vinyl box set; published in 2022

  • Most recent album available from Bo

  • Includes all of Inside (The Songs), The Inside Outtakes, and the Inside Scores from both specials

  • Five variations available: RGB, Clear (Urban Outfitters), Opaque White (Target), Black (Amazon), and Splatter (Spotify)

  • There are hidden tracks as well as some fun surprises!

Bonus tracks on other albums:

T.J. Miller collaboration

Just For Laughs 2010, 2011, 2013

Bonus tracks that were never recorded/released:

Oh My God

  • This one pains me because Oh My God is one of my Top 5 Bo songs. The only full-length version we have is this one.

  • There is also an officially recorded version from JFL here, but he cuts it off after the "overpopulation" line

  • Would love for Bo to do a full studio version of it one day!


  • One of the first songs Bo wrote (he said he was 14 when he came up with it), this ode to the abortion clinic is funny but pretty simplistic (feed us=fetus)

  • Bo performed this while on tour in 2009

  • Here's a version from a show in Portland

Stinky Feet

  • This is a song Bo tried out in 2012 while touring what. that didn't make the final cut, rhymes "street" with "eat" and "feet"

  • Mocks the shortcut musical comedians have at their disposal—just add MUSIC to your story to make it funny!

Untitled rap track (Over It)

  • Bo uploaded this short clip in 2011 of him rapping about his childhood—he was working on a serious rap album that he eventually discarded entirely except for a couple tracks that made it to what.

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous Ringtones

  • In the second episode of Bo's MTV show, he starts a band called Straight to Voicemail. Aside from the humourous songs in the show itself, Bo wrote and recorded a few extra ringtones that viewers could download.

  • The songs include Friday Night, Halfsies, Hipster, Jesus Calling (very Chipp McCapp), Pay Me Back (similar to Repeat Stuff thematically), Relationship, Sex Club, and Teenage Demographic (new millennial anthem!)

Bo's Darfur Rap

  • A very young Bo—only 16 at the time—did a slam poetry-style rap about Darfur at a Jamnesty event in 2007, and someone recorded it (this was the same show where he premiered My Better Half and explained in the YouTube comments that he had just finished writing the ending haha).

  • Bonus video of Bo singing that he's an inspiration to little girls...I guess he had that "Fuck yeah, I am!" mentality about being a comedian for 13-year-old girls even back then!

An unreleased Modern Dating Song

  • This was recorded at the Largo (known for its very strict policies on filming, so I have NO idea how someone got the footage). I think the lyrics are about a guy and his date taking an Uber (it's hard to make out the words), and it definitely feels like a Make Happy era Bo song.

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