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The Disco Ball Easter Egg in Inside: A thread published on Twitter on 11/15/21

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We all remember the opening to the latest masterpiece by Bo Burnham...

But did you know that the disco ball appears at least 11 more times in the Netflix special? Here's every instance I've found in Inside so far!

1. Content (duh!)

2. The wide shot of the room after Bo is editing White Woman's Instagram and before the stand-up bit (Fun fact: Bo had tweeted this pic prior to the special's release, so we all knew there'd be a disco ball somewhere!)

3. Bo kneeling during Problematic

4. The disco ball is next to the dresser in the full shot of Bo against the projection of a cross in Problematic

5. Behind-the-scenes footage where the camera falls over

6. Bo pulling out the bed and setting it up for nighttime

7. The wide shot in Welcome to the Internet (the disco ball is next to the dresser)

8. Behind-the-scenes footage where Bo is playing with the lighting equipment

9. The disco ball appears between Bo and his laptop while he's editing All Eyes on Me

10. The setting-up footage for Content that appears in Goodbye

11. And finally, you can see the disco ball at the center of the mess when Bo is naked at the end of Goodbye (Fun fact: the special begins AND ends musically with a reveal of the disco ball...incredible!)

For disco ball Easter eggs in The Inside Outtakes, please click here.


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