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The Disco Ball Easter Egg in Inside: Part 2 (published on Twitter on 6/11/22)

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Well, I THOUGHT I had captured all of the instances of this recurring image in Inside, but Bo Burnham dropped #insideouttakes with even more HOT disco ball action on 5/30/22!

Our first glimpse of the disco ball is in the montage when Bo is entering the room for his songs set to Bezos III. As you can see, Bo has placed the disco ball near the kitchen area, and it was blocked in the final shot in Inside when he is sitting at the keyboard on the ground for Look Who's Inside Again.

We then see the disco ball in a shot that is flashed on the screen for a second and is full of other Easter eggs (Bo’s hoodie, Socko, Red Bull, the water bottle from Problematic, etc.)

Next, we get an extended behind-the-scenes section on how Content came to be, starting with a beautiful shot of Bo focusing on the disco ball itself (!)

After that, we see Bo holding the disco ball with his head lamp on to determine if it looks “fucking cool” or not. I LOVE how he bounces it in his hand like a basketball lol

Next, we get a sequence of Bo testing out the disco ball on top of the dresser. It looks neat, kind of like Bo is a lighthouse or something, but nowhere near as amazing as the final product!

After the behind-the-scenes footage, the next time we see the disco ball is when Bo is singing Five Years—it is sitting next to the dresser in the usual spot.

Later on in the Outtakes, we see the disco ball when Bo is dancing to Content while it’s being projected onto him

And aside from the examples from my previous post, the only other new footage of the disco ball that I could find in my repeat watches was in The Chicken.

Just like in Inside itself, Bo ends his special on an emotional moment and a zoom out to the disco ball on the floor.

Here’s a comparison of The Chicken with Goodbye…the disco ball is located in almost the exact place.

The parallels of vulnerability and performance between the two are truly fascinating!

One last item:

This isn't disco ball-related, but I personally felt CALLED OUT by Bo's "Secrets!!!!!" KNOW you hid some stuff for us to find, Bo!


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