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The Color-Changing Inside Deluxe Vinyl Covers

Updated: Feb 19

I was playing around with my Welcome to the Internet star projector after reading about how lights can affect what you see on the vinyls, and I wanted to share how FREAKING cool they are!

Here are my short videos that demonstrate how the nebula light (as depicted in the music video) changes what you see depending on if the light is red, green, or blue.

Disc 1:

Younger Bo vs. Older Bo

Bo entering the Ruhm vs. Bo singing 30 (my favorite!)

Disc 2:

Bo in bed vs. Bo on the floor

Bo singing All Eyes on Me vs. Suicidal Bo

Disc 3:

Bo singing The Future vs. Bo playing on his keyboard

Bo with his hair over his face, one eye peeking out vs. Bo walking away from the guesthouse (fun fact: this is also the cover for The Inside Outtakes!)

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