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Red Blue Green: The Significance of Colors in Inside Deluxe

Updated: Feb 2

Hi, everyone!

The Inside Deluxe vinyl set has officially been released as of yesterday (12/16), and fans are starting to receive their pre-ordered copies.

And while there are now a few variants available (clear from Urban Outfitters, opaque white from Target, splatter from Spotify, etc.), ALL of the vinyl sets feature three colors: red, blue, and green.

Now you might be wondering if those colors have any significance to Inside or if they are important to Bo in general. Red and blue are primary colors, but the third one is yellow, not green.

So what does it all mean?

My best guess is that Bo chose these three colors because they beautifully tie in with a major theme of his masterpiece and many of his previous works—the Internet!

Pixels, the backbone of digital screens, are comprised of just three colors. And what are those colors, you may ask?

Red, green, and blue!

This website explains pixels and human eyesight in this manner:

Do you see how always one red, one green, and one blue bar form a square? That’s a pixel, the smallest dot you can see on your screen. You cannot see the little colour bars with the naked eye; modern computer screens have such a high resolution that the only way for us to see them is to use some sort of magnifying glass.
When seen from a normal distance, the LCD screen shown above looks uniformly white. How is that possible? Due to an illusion. An illusion that only perfectly works for humans, not for animals.

And Bo has had an interest in visualizing pixels since at least 2018, when he featured the three colors in Kayla's bedroom lights while she is scrolling on the Internet in Eighth Grade.

Moreover, Bo's decision to have a zoomed-in laptop screen as the background for the end credits speaks to this association between going online and RGB pixels.

Aside from these pixel-related connections, Bo has a few other examples of red, blue, and green in his works.

First, Bo's favorite peanut butter brand Jif features the three colors in its logo.

Next, Bo's favorite band Radiohead includes a line about the colors in their song "Videotape" from In Rainbows.

This is one for the good days
And I have it all here
In red, blue, green
Red, blue, green

Finally, Bo mentions Ruth Bader Ginsburg in White Woman's Instagram, another RBG! Haha

I hope that you've enjoyed this deep dive into colors and Inside Deluxe. Stay tuned for more fun!


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