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Sunglasses and Glasses in Inside: A thread published on Twitter on 12/1/21

Updated: May 28, 2022

Because it’s the six-month anniversary of Inside (how has it been half a year already?), here is a special thread of when Bo’s sunglasses appear in his special.

First, the obvious: Unpaid Intern and Welcome to the Internet (not the same pair, IMO)

Now, for the less obvious examples...

You first see a pair of glasses on Bo's desk during the Social Brand Consultant bit (they are REALLY visible when he's taking about JPMorgan and racism)

They next appear in Unpaid Intern and then show up again during the YouTuber-holding-a-knife bit, still on the keyboard

After that, we don't see Bo's sunglasses again until the Twitch streamer bit, placed with the lenses on the desk this time

The last place the sunglasses appear is during Goodbye when there's a full shot of the room

Bonus glasses: Aside from sunglasses, Bo also wears regular round glasses during Inside, most notably in White Woman's Instagram

These glasses appear again (to the best of my knowledge) during 30 (sitting on his desk)

In conclusion, Bo looks great in any pair of glasses during Inside (and in general)!


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