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KATE Audience Interview: Jen Reiher

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

For this interview, I chatted with my best friend about her experiences last October traveling up to New York City to see the show.

Jen (previously known as Jenkins) was gracious enough to recount her 29th birthday trip and what happened.

Here is my interview with Jen, which has been edited and condensed for clarity purposes.

SUCH: Hi, Jen! Thanks for doing this for me...I know it's been a long time since we saw the one-woman play together.

Jen: It's my pleasure.

SUCH: Fantastic!

So first thing's first—can you please provide some background about where you live and what you do for a job?

Jen: My name is Jen. I live in Pennsylvania (although I was living in Virginia at the time of the performance I had attended), and I'm a hotel housekeeper. 

SUCH: Excellent.

Okay, let's dive in to the questions about Kate.

What show(s) did you get tickets for? We're they for the previews or the full show?

Jen: I got tickets for the October fourth showing, for my birthday. My best friend Jess and I went together. 

Two fans in their Tour shirts

SUCH: Are you from New York, or did you have to travel to attend?

Jen: As I had mentioned previously, I traveled from Virginia, where I lived at the time, to go to New York City. 

SUCH: That's quite some distance!

Where were you seated for the show you had attended? And did Kate walk through your section?

Jen: Second or third row, I believe. Kate walked through the row in front of ours. 

SUCH: Yes, she certainly did. So exciting to be that close to the star of the sow!

Did you see/meet Bo or Kate (or both!)? Did you see Bo in the audience/lounge?

Jen: Kate was neither in the lobby for my viewing nor did I meet her.

I did, however, glimpse Bo a few times. He's very tall and non-assuming in person, so I almost didn't recognize him.

He walked right past where my friend and I sat and bent over to fix something. I also noticed him later in the balcony seats, but he ran off as soon as the show was over. 

SUCH: Tell me about it! He just does not present himself as a star at all lol.

Did you walk in the sand (barefoot or not)? Or sit in the armchair?

Jen: I actually don't remember if there was sand on my side, but I do know that I didn't have the armchair side.

Sorry, my memory isn't super clear of this moment. 

SUCH: No worries! Yes, we were on the sand side.

Experience B—see the Kate sticker on the wall?

Did you shake hands with a stranger when prompted? 

Jen: Yes, I did!

SUCH: Who was your bartender?  And what was the neutral word that made Kate cry?

Jen: The neutral word was "potato." Sorry, I don't remember the bartender portion super well. 

SUCH: No problem. It's completely was almost a year ago!

If you went to more than one performance, please explain any differences between the shows. Did you prefer one over the other? Why?

Jen: I only went to the one show.

SUCH: What elements were Bo-like (glitter, glass, etc.)? Did you find any similarities to Inside or Bo's other works?

Jen: Besides the obvious glitter and glass moments, I thought the part of the show where she said we'd sit there until she got the performance perfect (by crying on command) was very Bo-like. 

SUCH: Oh, definitely! There were so many times I thought, "this seems like something Bo would think up" haha.

So what was your opinion of Bo's direction in general? 

Jen: This was, I think, the third or fourth thing I've seen that Bo has directed, and I enjoy his style very much. 

SUCH: Same here!

What was your favorite part of the show? Most memorable? Funniest?

Jen: My favorite part of the show was her constantly changing her depiction of her mother. 

The funniest moment was where she gave us forks under our seats and said we didn't have time to do that bit. 

SUCH: Agreed. I loved those moments too.

Thanks so much for taking the time to discuss your experience with me, Jen. Fingers crossed that it goes to Broadway and we can see Kate again!

Jen: You're welcome!

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