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Comma D (a kid’s show parody of Comedy)

I wrote this AGES ago (like a month or two after Inside premiered) because I wanted Bo to have a version of his song that would work on a show like Sesame Street.

As we all know, Bo might be doing the music for the new movie (his involvement was announced in 2019,'s been awhile), and I thought this could work as a character he could play on the PBS show as a celebrity guest.

The basic concept is that he's a superhero called "Comma D" who helps properly punctuate phrases that are missing a comma and the letter "D" (yes, I know this is esoteric and weird haha).

Here is the parody song in its entirety, and I've even included a very rough sketch of his superhero cape.

Enjoy, and fingers crossed that we get to see Bo's work on Sesame Street at some point in the not too distant future!

Comma D

The words are changing

The soup is heating up

What is really going on?

Rearranging, it's like everything's vanished all at once

What is really going on?

The letters missing from the books

The comma’s out

The more I look, the more I see nothing to joke about

Is clarity over?

Should I leave you alone cuz really who’s gonna go for

Joking at a time like this

Should I be joking at a time like this?

I want to help to leave this world better than I found it

And I fear that Comma D won’t help

And the fear is not unfounded

Should I stop trying to be funny?

Should I give away my honey? NO!

What should I do?

[Angelic voice]

Healing the world with Comma D

The indescribable power of your Comma D

The world needs direction

From a smart guy like me [Bingo]

who is healing the world with Comma D


Healing the world with Comma D

Helping you punctuate a list the way it ought to be

And yes most likely they'll pay me, but I'd do it for free

I am healing the world with Comma D

Cats ogs and Birds (add comma-D!)

Cats, Dogs and Birds

Eat rink and Be Merry (add comma-D!)

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Stop rop and Roll (add comma-D!)

Stop, Drop and Roll

Chorus 2X

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