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Bo's security blanket: His gray sweatshirt (originally posted on Twitter 11/5/21)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Here is a compilation of an article of clothing Bo has had FOREVER: his gray sweatshirt with a warm fleece lining. Enjoy!

  • Doing the flossing bit from what. (used to do as part of the Intro)

  • Wearing the sweatshirt while meeting fans

  • Bo also wore this sweatshirt in many of his popular Vines

  • When Bo was at Sundance to promote Eighth Grade in 2018, he had on his trusty gray sweatshirt yet again!

  • Finally, the sweatshirt shows up a few times in Inside, particularly when his character is frustrated by time passing (the 30 speech and his outburst before All Eyes On Me). He also wears the sweatshirt at the end of White Woman's Instagram and while singing Don't Wanna Know.

Fun fact: you can see it draped on the couch in the background at points!

  • And, as a bonus, here are my two favorite examples: Bo wearing the sweatshirt while photographing his food (!) and his Reddit AMA pic

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