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Bo Burnham-related ugly merch: A deep-dive thread published on Twitter on 3/26/22

Updated: May 17, 2023

As we all know, Bo has put out some awesome Inside merchandise that’s on his website (I own almost everything on there, so reach out if you have questions before purchasing!).

However, there are thousands of third-party products that are hilariously ugly and typo-filled. Let’s take a look, shall we?

DISCLAIMER: This is all subjective, and if you enjoy or have bought some of this merch, don’t feel badly!

1. Bo Burham

This misspelling of Bo’s last name is EVERYWHERE and shows, to me, the small amount of effort these sellers put into creating the merch.

More examples from Redbubble and TeePublic:

2. Grammar errors/missing punctuation

I’m a copy editor by trade, so seeing typos and poor grammar is one of my biggest pet peeves—“Buffet” is not the same word as “Buffett,” people!

Special shoutout to “That Funny Felling” and “staring: Bo Burnham”!

3. Designs that do NOT translate to other articles of clothing

While this might look okay on a t-shirt, mini skirts typically do not have enough space for a large graphic. Case in point:

Another piece of clothing that does not work typically with graphics is a pair of leggings.

4. Bad font/graphic choices

When designing merch, one should always consider how it reads to someone from afar.

This particular seller did NOT take that advice (Bo Bumham, anyone?)

And then there’s graphics that REALLY make no sense with Bo (Christmas colors everywhere and just confusing images)

Even more bizarre is the merch that has mismatched images and lyrics…a what. pic with Inside and Art Is Dead? An apron with a happy sun for arguably one of the most depressing lyrics in Inside? Really?!

5. Blankets, blankets, blankets!

Amazon has this standard image of a lady wrapped in a blanket with an ecstatic smile. This becomes even funnier when applied to Bo’s merch (Editor's note: The first blanket was my Mother's Day gift this year! And I got the How the World Works one late last year...just need the middle collage to complete the set haha).

And here’s a bonus blanket with a typo, naturally

Top 5 Most Insane Bo Merch

And then we have the items that defy explanation.

5. This bananas poster of sexy Bo with ‘60s font (and a typo!)

4. A QR code of Bo’s laugh on a top (that will likely NOT scan correctly) ??!!

3. This awful design where Bo looks like he has a goiter on his neck

2. B Burnham the astronaut? I have NO idea what’s going on here.

1. And the number one ugliest item—the one that inspired this months-long research into bad merch—is…

What I can only describe as Hunchback Bo Blanket.

Thank you, Amazon, for this nightmare fuel!

Hope you all enjoyed this deep dive into the wild world of Bo merch!

Shoutout to the following awesome Bo fans who helped out on this journey: ferriswheelbo, sweetiegrrl2346, and southandthesea on Twitter. And special thanks to my daughter who helped source many of these lovely examples of merch!


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