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The ICU Logos Deciphered: A short thread published on Twitter on 9/26/22

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We all remember the end of Inside Outtakes that depicts the nine forthcoming films from Inside Studios.

But have you ever wondered what these logos reference and which song from Inside is playing when they appear?

I certainly have, and I've come up with a few possible answers.

Let's take a look!

1. INSIDE (2021)

Music: N/A (on Inside Studios clothing only)

Logo: N/A (it only says INSIDE)

The easiest of the bunch haha

2. INSIDE 2 (2022)

Music: Look Who's Inside Again

Logo: The Conjuring 2

We've got approximately 3 months left in the year, so this probably refers to the Outtakes. And the "2" in the middle makes this an obvious Conjuring 2 reference!

It could also reference A Quiet Place 2 with the white and red lettering (Bo actually knows John Krasinski from the Eighth Grade award circuit!)


Music: Look Who's Inside Again

Logo: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Since it says "Journey" and a Shire-esque version of LWIA plays when this logo shows up, I'm gonna guess Bo is going for a Tolkien reference here.

4. INSIDE 1968 (2024)

Music: That Funny Feeling

Logo: Generic '60s, Austin Powers?

This was one of the hardest to figure out. The music cue isn't obvious at all (but it's definitely the "theeeere it is again" part of TFF), and the closest reference I could find was groovy Austin Powers. Yeah baby!


Song: How The World Works

Logo: SOLO: A Star Wars Story

In contrast to 1968, this logo was the easiest to's obviously a riff on Star Wars!


Music: Look Who's Inside Again

Logo: Insidious: Chapter 3

Bo's back on his horror logos, and this one has ominous red letters to make it scarier

Fun fact:

Sean Himmelberg used the SAME title for his Inside spoof that was uploaded before 5/30!


Song: Bezos I

Logo: Quantum of Solace (title only)

Bo's made 4 songs about Jeff Bezos (that we know of), so why not have a movie based on him? Haha

Love that Bo made the logo shiny and included that stupid phallic-looking spaceship as well!


Song: All Eyes on Me

Logo: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Like 1968, this one is hard to pin down, but it seems closest in wording to Lord and Miller's masterful animated film.

UPDATE: Ravenhpltc24 has cracked this mystery song by slowing down the music. Finally solved!

It could also be referencing the Marvel Dr. Strange movie.

9. GIRL SOCKO (2029)

Song: How the World Works

Logo: Bridesmaids

My favorite of the bunch, this "girly" film features pink text and a female Socko voice saying "Yeah" and "C'mon!"...a perfect parody of low-effort girl power movies.

10. 40 (2030)

Song: 30 (duh!)

Logo: Avengers: The Endgame

The final logo has a 4 with an arrow, a clear reference to the "A" in the Marvel movie title.

Thanks for reading this short thread!

One thing's for sure: Bo could ALWAYS go into graphic design if his music/comedy/directing/acting career stalls. haha

Please let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions as to what each logo is referencing!


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