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Rothaniel Audience Interviews: The Full List

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hello! Welcome to a new series of interviews by #boburnhamhistorian about the now Emmy-winning comedy special by Jerrod Carmichael, Rothaniel.

Today (7/12/22), Jerrod scored an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing For a Variety Special (Bo won this Emmy last year for Inside), AND Bo got a nomination for Outstanding Directing For a Variety Special (he won this Emmy last year for Inside).

UPDATE 9/12/22: Bo lost his category, but Jerrod WON for writing Rothaniel (and looked amazing accepting his award!)


When the following audience members, including yours truly, arrived for the taping of the HBO special in February 2022, we had only an inkling of knowledge about its contents (Bo was likely directing, Jerrod may come out as gay in it, etc.).

None of us had ANY idea we were attending one of the most important and groundbreaking specials in recent history!

Here are some of the audience members and their opinions on the taping, meeting Bo in person, and what they think of Jerrod's Emmy-winning performance:

First show: Nicole Grieco

Second show: Jessica Friedman (AKA Stand-Up Comedy Historian)

Third show: Anonymous

Please keep in mind that this list of participants can (and should) expand, and I would be thrilled to have more people from diverse backgrounds share their stories!

Please reach out on this website if you'd like to be involved. Thank you!


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