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My Earliest Humorous Writing at Age 13

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

This is yet another old comedic piece I wrote as a child.

A tree I had planted in Watershed

As I had mentioned previously, my seventh grade teachers really encouraged me to write creatively in a way that was never fostered by my emotionality unavailable parents. My time in Watershed, in particular, gave me the courage to incorporate my natural sense of humor into my work (especially my love of corny puns haha).

Me and my seventh grade classmates in Watershed

Here is a story I wrote when I was 13 about my favorite place in Fennimore Woods (a park in the Main Line). Be on the lookout for LOTS of alliteration and wordplay!

Me hanging out near my special spot

My Special Spot Party Story


Hello! I am Jessica Lasak, and I will be your hostess for this stream scream! First I think you might want to be introduced to a few of our guests.

The first guest who has arrived is my friend, Vivian Vine. She is usually kind, but sometimes, she has bad mood swings.

Oh, Hi Brenda Beech! Brenda meet Mr. Silcox and Mr. Springer. You guys, say hello to Brenda! She has always let people lean on her.

I see a few more guests arriving. Here comes Ruby Root, Sandy Stream, and Candy Chipmunk. Ruby Root never puts her foot down, but graciously lets any one [sic] put their foot down on her.

Sandy Stream always provides beverages and refreshments. Can we have 3 drinks over here, Sandy. If she wasn't my friend, I think I would die.

Candy Chipmunk is always on the go. She never just sits and waits.

Well, now that you know all the guests, Let the party begin!

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