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Child-Friendly Bo Burnham Playlist

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Would you like to share the genius of Bo with your kids or with people who can't stand his cussing?

Want to play his music around the house without upsetting sensitive ears?

Well, you're in luck because now you can with my profanity-free playlist!

All of these songs exclude major curse words, and I have commented where inappropriate lyrics and topics might not work for younger audiences.

I'm fine with "ass" and "damn" personally, but I did point out where those terms occur in the pieces listed below.

Please note that I'd first created this list when my son was three in 2019 and have updated it for subsequent releases, and my focus was on keeping out the s- and f-word as much as possible (I didn't care about the subject matter lol).

Here you go, and happy sharing!

Bo fo sho

  • My Whole Family... (f-slur spelled out, "queer," homophobia)

  • H-O-a-R ("ass," spousal abuse, STDs, teen sex)

  • Sunday School (abortion, antisemitism, masturbation, homophobia)

Bo Burnham

  • New Math (sex, abortion, rape, pedophilia)

  • A Love Ballad (elderly sex and pedophilia but no cursing!)

  • Bonus Track (Hitler as a toddler)

Words Words Words

  • Men and Women (condoms, orgasms, strippers)


  • Beating Off in A Minor (child rape)

  • Channel 5 News: The Musical! ("grabbed a shot of her ass," dark themes)

Inside (The Songs)/Inside Deluxe - Bo's cleanest work yet!

There are also some videos available of kid-friendly versions of Bo's songs:

  • Goodbye—profanity dropped by singer

And while Make Happy's music was never officially released, a few of its songs do meet the criteria:


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