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Bo Burnham and Jewelry: A thread published on Twitter on 1/1/22

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

In the fifteen-plus years that Bo has been performing for the public, one consistent element to his appearance is his preference for jewelry, particularly necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Let’s dive in!

Bo’s first YouTube video, My Whole Family…, gives us a glimpse of him as a young teenager.

In addition to his clever lyrics and music, Bo was rocking a golden cross necklace (he was considering becoming a pastor, which would have been a VERY different life path lol).

After deciding the church was not for him, Bo continued to sport eclectic jewelry.

In his first professional music video for "High School Party," Bo's party persona has on flashy clothes, cool shades, and shiny necklaces to set him apart from "normal" Bo.

Next, his tv show, Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous (now on Netflix), included Bo donning a Ring Pop necklace, bracelets made out of dental floss, and a silver ring to show he’s “punk” in Episode 2: Zach Stone Is Gonna Be a Famous Recording Artist.

Bo continued to have a bracelet on his right wrist for many years as part of his ensemble, typically wearing a red string bracelet (maybe he was interested in Kabbalah? Haha) or thin cord varieties.

Another fun instance of Bo wearing jewelry during his what. era is in the music video for "Repeat Stuff"—he has on a cross again as well as various chains and even diamond earrings to emulate the Biebs and similar pop stars (bonus Paul Scheer in the second pic!).

In his cameo on Parks and Recreation in 2014, Bo plays Chipp McCapp, a snotty teen country star, and he wears a LOT of jewelry for the role.

Check out his silver rings, beaded necklace, and bracelet (along with a very uncharacteristic cowboy hat on his head haha)! I also spy the "Oh Bo" musical notes shirt on Bo here?

Bo’s next comedy special, Make Happy, again has him donning jewelry—in this case, a beaded bracelet from Jerrod Carmichael.

(Note: I'm not counting the timepiece as jewelry, but he does wear a watch more often than most millennials).

His next venture, Eighth Grade, led to a HUGE publicity tour and, you guessed it!, more bracelets.

Here’s a purple one he wore for this New Yorker interview (a fantastic read—highly recommended!)

And he even wore a bracelet when he won accolades for his first film, such as at the Independent Spirit Awards.

When Eighth Grade premiered in Japan, Bo did more publicity there and rocked a silver necklace (you’ll see it again soon!)

After the success of Eighth Grade, Bo continued to perform at small venues (like the Largo in LA) and usually wore some type of jewelry each time. See the necklace again?

As we all know, 2021 was the most successful year for Bo by far, and Inside has its fair share of interesting jewelry.

Starting with the obvious, White Woman’s Instagram shows Bo wearing jewelry to better exemplify the titular white woman.

He dons a black choker here:

And he has on a green beaded choker later in the song.

You also briefly see that Bo is wearing a silver bracelet during the reaction video to Unpaid Intern.

Bo dons a George Michael-esque pair of gold cross earrings in Sexting (clip-ons, naturally) to up the sex appeal of the song.

Finally, Bo’s favorite silver chain makes an appearance in 30 (hard to see at times, but it’s there)

As a small bonus, here’s Bo with Lorene AND his performance at the Largo last summer—he’s got a bracelet on in each shot (even switching it up by having one on his left wrist!)

Plus, I wouldn’t want to miss Bo’s best use of men’s jewelry recently: he wore a pinky ring as part of his gorgeous Emmys ensemble!

That’s all for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into Bo and his jewelry throughout the years!

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