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An Interview with Marcos, Creator of Inside: The Remake

Updated: May 8, 2023

I have discussed Bo's masterpiece with many people over the past year since starting my website, but no one has appeared as devoted to recreating the ENTIRETY of Inside in the same way as Marcos Zapien.

In his video entitled INSIDE THE REMAKE that he recently uploaded to his YouTube channel, Marcos goes to incredible lengths to perfectly recreate Bo's comedy special. He purchased many of the same props, used similar lighting techniques, and even set up a projector and disco ball to emulate the original.

Not only does the remake beautifully capture the feel of Inside, but Marcos also injected his own personality via special props, an Inside CD, and some fun Easter eggs for observant viewers.

The result is a wholly unique work that would make Bo proud (he's a huge fan of effort, and Marcos devoted over a year to this sprawling project!).

When I first saw that the hourlong video had been posted on the Bo subreddit, I immediately watched the whole thing as soon as I could and knew I had to reach out to Marcos to get the lowdown on HOW he recreated Inside so well and what he's working on next.

Here is my interview with Marcos, which has been edited and condensed for clarity purposes.

Stand-Up Comedy Historian: Hi, Marcos! Thanks for chatting with me about your shot-for-shot remake of Inside.

Marcos: Sure! It's no problem.

SUCH: Fantastic!

First, can you please provide some background information about yourself?

Marcos: I’m from Cullman, Alabama, born and raised one might say, and I’m 20 years old.

I’m currently attending Wallace State Community College and majoring in General Studies. I plan to transfer to another college to finish off my education.

I’m doing theatre right now, including participating in four of the shows my college produces.

I became involved with theatre back in my last semester of my senior year of high school, and ever since, I’ve been passionate about acting. Later on, I became interested in film, which is where I am now with my remake.

I work as a server at a Mexican restaurant my family owns, and I make pretty decent tips.

SUCH: Nice, you're a theater kid like Bo! Did you ever see his theater guild video? It's still one of the favorites on his YouTube channel.

So what compelled you to create this shot-for-shot remake of Inside? When did you get started, and what software/tools did you use for filming/editing?

Also was this filmed entirely on your smartphone, or does it just appear that way? Haha

Marcos: There were a few reasons as to why I wanted to recreate Inside.

At first I wanted to do my own rendition of Welcome To The Internet. I had seen that many people have made their own versions of the song—animated, live action, or just a simple cover—that it inspired me to make my own version. [Ed. note: You can find many of these versions in this post of Inside-related videos.]

However, as I was excitedly planning what I could do and film in my head, I had another crazy idea, and that was to recreate Comedy exactly how Bo made it.

I ditched the Welcome To The Internet idea and settled into recreating Comedy instead.

I set up the set, almost how it is in my remake, and I filmed a concept of what it could look like.

I didn’t like how it looked because I originally had used a green screen to digitally place Bo’s room to make it look as if I was there, but I felt as if it wouldn’t work.

I then said to myself, “You know what? How about I just recreate his special exactly but do it my way, no green screens!” and I eventually got to work.

I’m unsure as to what compelled me to recreate it shot-for-shot. I just had a feeling that I had to, and I felt as if it would be fun to recreate it.

I was inspired by how many fans recreated some songs from his special, and I thought that I could do it too, but make it better and more accurate.

Inspiration is what led me to create it all, I believe hehe.

I got started a year ago—January 22, 2022 to be exact—when I filmed the first pieces of footage, those being the first scenes during the Inside Waltz after Content.

I finished in early February of this year (2023).

I used a few different types of software to edit. The editing software I used is called Wondershare Filmora 11, which is really great at editing simple clips together with relatively decent effects too.

I used it to edit most of the special, while some parts I edited on my phone, most notably Content and Bezos I and II.

I used GarageBand to record the audio from the original to use in my remake.

I had a variety of coloured LED lights, plus one small spotlight, green screens, several microphones, and a monitor that could connect to my phone so that I could see what I was filming and what looked right, the same one Bo had used.

The remake was filmed entirely on my phone. I recorded most of the remake on my phone until I had to use a different camera because I had reached a point when my phone did not have much storage available, and I had to look for another way to record the remake.

I found a phone my dad had that he did not need anymore—the phone was shattered to where half the screen would not light up.

I asked if I could borrow it to film the remainder of the remake. The only reason I needed it was for the storage and the camera quality.

Although I did film some scenes with a normal camera that could record video as well, I opted to use my phone instead for the quality.

SUCH: Thanks for explaining your process!

Wow, I can't say I'm surprised it took over a year to film, but you certainly devoted a TON of time to this project.

That's crazy that almost every part of the remake was filmed on a still looks really professional!

Also your description of the shattered phone you used reminds me of Kayla's screen in Eighth Grade haha.

My first interview for the website was with Sean Himmelberg, who created a brilliant spoof of Inside last year called Still Inside.

Did you ever see that YouTube video? Like yours, he matched many elements to the original (and had a number of haircuts to correspond with Bo's shifting looks!).

Marcos: I have, yes! I have not seen it in its entirety, but I’ve seen clips of it, and I’ve gotta say how close he matched his version to Bo’s original.

I watched his spoof as I was midway through filming the remake, and I thought that it was so cool how he resembles Bo (he really does), and that he did something that I was trying to do too. I love how he was making fun of how he looks like Bo when he’s not.

I think that one of my favorite lines from him was in his HTWW, which was “I was just trying to show my love and appreciation for Mr. Burnham’s work, by way of a tasteful and heartfelt recreation!” That is a line I related to my own remake the most.

SUCH: Absolutely! Sean's video (with original lyrics and music) is so cleverly done, and there's a reason he's known as Faux Burnham lol.

So when did you first discover Bo and his works? Are you a longtime fan or a newer one because of Inside?

Marcos: I am a newer fan of Bo actually. The thing is I discovered him because of Inside, but not Inside directly.

I discovered Bo on TikTok out of all places hehe! It was October 2021, I think, when I found out about him.

Welcome To The Internet was really popular as well as Bezos I, and I heard them everywhere on TikTok.

I immediately fell in love with the songs’ humor. I wanted to know more about who made the songs and where they came from, which eventually led me to Bo’s YouTube channel when I searched up Welcome To The Internet.

I was intrigued by how Bo presented the song and, for some reason, I got hooked on Bo Burnham [Ed. note: I think every fan has felt the exact same thing! Lol].

I saw that the song at the end of the video was from Inside, so I proceeded to watch it on Netflix.

SUCH's Netflix page circa March 2022—all Bo, all the time

I loved the special. I had never seen anything like that done, and I thought that it was pretty cool how he did all of that work alone in his house all by himself, a one-man show almost. I think that I became a fan of Bo instantly after watching the special.

The songs were my favorite part of the entire thing, and I loved the humor as well as the meaning behind them all.

I eventually began to watch all things Bo Burnham. I rewatched Inside a million times, I saw his other specials and a show he had called Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous that I thought was great too. I’m now a big fan of Bo and everything Bo.

SUCH: Welcome to the club! 

If you are seeking out more things by Bo to watch (like his 2018 film Eighth Grade or his cameos on TV shows), please check out my Bo primer. It's very thorough!

What is your process for editing your videos? How long do they typically take to make from concept to uploading on YouTube?

Marcos: Editing videos is very boring and a struggle to do, but I try to make it work most of the time. Really it’s a fun experience depending on what video.

For the remake, I uploaded clips while I was waiting to finish. I would select the clips I had recorded and then I would screen-record the original from the special to use as a reference to get the takes right.

The first thing I do while editing is place the song that I am doing first onto the timeline to get the general idea of how long the video might be. I’d then add the original screen recording onto the timeline, and then I would work on the clips. Editing the clips would take me almost 3 hours depending on how perfect I wanted them to be.

After that, I would watch it a couple of times until I made sure it was good to upload.

SUCH: Thanks for explaining the more technical aspects! That's really fascinating.

So what's your favorite part of the remake? Least favorite? What was the most difficult to film?

Also were there any sections that you couldn't capture for some reason (ran out of time, too complex, etc.)?

Marcos: Out of all of the remake, my least favorite part was FaceTime With My Mom (Tonight).

I struggled so much with that song because I would forget to charge my phone when I was going to record, so I’d be recording and then suddenly the phone would die and I’d have to wait until it would be charged to a usable level, and then I would rush the take.

The most difficult has got to be WWI. I spent almost 2 months trying to find the right props for it as well as the time and patience to bring the shoot together.

The main reason I took 2 months was because I was processing and recovering from a breakup that left me unmotivated to film for those months.

We eventually got back together, and I got back to work on WWI and finished it. Still, while it was a bit fun working on it, I struggled to get it completed.

I have two favorite parts of the remake, the first was Comedy.

I loved working on Comedy because it’s the one part of Inside that I feel like I stayed the most true to.

The second one was filming Welcome To The Internet, which is the song that inspired me to make the remake, and I had fun filming that one too hehe.

There were some sections that I didn’t capture because I thought that it didn’t fit the story that I was trying to tell.

For example, WWI has the wind chimes, the little statue candle, and the salt rock nightlight that I could never get around to doing, so I just grabbed those scenes from the original. That’s the only instance I’ve stolen from Inside without a reason to.

SUCH: I thought those clips in WWI looked familiar!

I was blown away by how perfectly you matched certain scenes in Inside, like the aforementioned Comedy and All Eyes On Me.

How did you capture Bo's camera angles so well? Your facial expressions in songs like Sexting were also spot-on!

Marcos: I studied Inside a lot, hehe, and I watched it over and over again so I could get the shot right.

I know the special front and back, forwards and backwards, so it helped getting it perfectly matched.

What also helped was having the special as a reference. I would have my laptop propped up next to the camera with the scene I would be doing and, by trial and error, I would try to get the angle right.

I blindly guessed what the angle would be.

I never measure how far or how close the camera should be, so I just hoped it would come out right hehe.

In Comedy, I never had the external monitor that connected to my phone so I could see the scene as I was in it, and I had to blindly guess how the shot would look while performing.

I’ll have to say, too, I’m impressed by how the angles came out so well; most of it was tweaked in editing to get the angle just right. I would screen-record the song I would be doing, and I would put the clip on my editing timeline, and then I would put my clip on top of the real clip, overlaying it and making it look just like the original.

All Eyes On Me was the scene that came out exactly how I wanted it to look. I studied that specific song so much to get it just right.

I also studied a lot of how Bo acted in his special. I would rehearse before I would shoot the scene, and then I would do several takes and select the one I liked the most.

Marcos doing the Social Brand Consultant (he even has the tiny ponytail!)

But in Sexting, I had fun doing the expressions for it! It was one of three songs where I told myself to just have the most fun with it.

SUCH: Wonderful! I noticed that you even scored Bo's black Adidas pants for the remake—awesome attention to detail.

I also appreciate how you made the project your own by inserting items that were similar but not identical to the original (the cheese sign, the World's Best Boss mug instead of the bird app one, sipping a drink instead of eating cereal, etc.).

How did you decide what to make a perfect match and what to switch up?

Marcos: I wanted to keep the remake as close to the original as possible, nearly identical, but I still wanted it to be personal by adding my own elements.

I decided if it fit the overall vibe or feel of the scene, I would keep it or do something else.

Like in WWI, there were scenes I felt I didn’t want to include or remake because of the availability of the item or just the comfortability in doing the scene. I went around my house searching if I had anything that would fit the vibe.

I wanted to have a drink instead of cereal because I felt that it would be a waste to get cereal and pretend to be eating it (also, I had eaten cereal beforehand, so I did not want to eat it again).

The drink appeared previously in Look Who’s Inside Again, and I thought it would be neat to feature it again as a little Easter egg.

I was having a Scooter's Coffee blended drink, but I’m not sponsored to say that hehe.

I really didn’t want to switch up much stuff since I wanted to keep it as similar as possible, but I still wanted to make it feel like something new in a way.

SUCH: I'd say you've achieved that balance!

Serious talk—how expensive was this undertaking? You bought Bo's WWI shirts, a projector, a disco were you able to afford everything? And how many haircuts did you need? Haha

Marcos: That is the real question there.

I will be honest, I have not kept track on how expensive everything would cost. However, I did have a set budget on how much I should spend on each item I needed.

I tried to stay under $100 for anything that I needed to get individually. So if I wanted like a light, I had to stay under $100. A prop that I might not use anymore? Under $100.

The overall estimate that I could give, as a combined budget I suppose, would be around under $1,000.

I wanted to keep the project low budget but with high quality to keep it as authentic as possible. And I think it worked.

How was I able to afford all of that? Well I have a job, of course. I had enough saved to make the purchases I needed under the $100-per-item budget I wanted to stay afloat financially.

I wouldn’t be buying things in bulk all at once though. Every now and then, I would visit Walmart or check Amazon to see if they had what I needed, which by pure chance they did hehe.

I only needed one haircut. When 2022 started, which is when I started my remake, I cut my hair and decided that from that point forward, I would not cut my hair until I was done with the project.

I wanted to do what Bo did, which was to grow out my hair and facial hair too to recreate it perfectly.

I cut my hair by February of 2023, which I needed to because I had some scenes with short hair that I had not yet filmed, and I conveniently saved those to be the last scenes to film in order to be done.

SUCH: Great timing for the haircut! And I'm glad you were able to keep your costs down. I don't know if this was Bo's intention or not, but a lot of the props he used are surprisingly affordable—and Socko is just a cheap Gold Toe sock haha.

I did notice you'd decided not to get the Ghillie suit for Bezos II (good idea!). Were there any other items you could have included but didn't for some reason?

I totally respect your choice there (what do you do with it after—donate the suit to a hunting club? Lol)

Marcos: Yes, I did not buy a Ghillie suit, but rather I used a blanket I had laying around that I thought would work.

I really didn’t want to buy the suit because I felt that it would be a waste of money for a single use, when I could be using it a lot more throughout the remake. So I went with a blanket instead.

I really wish I could’ve had access to gym equipment and dumbbells for Problematic or an actual whiteboard to have at my house.

The whiteboard I used for Comedy, that was not shot at my house—the whiteboard never even set its wheely legs in my house.

I had access to a whiteboard from my college’s library, which I then used to film. I wrote most of the joke lines on the board with the help of my girlfriend.

Besides those items, I really don’t have any items that I could’ve included. I used what I had at my availability and what I could afford on Amazon.

SUCH: That's crazy that the whiteboard was never in your house—I had no idea!

At 37:09, there appear to be a bunch of pastel balloons on the floor. Was this going to be the WWI part where Bo has balloons fall on him? Why did that not work out in the final product?

Marcos: There was going to be a part in WWI where the balloons fall, but as much as I wanted to, I never got around to filming that part.

I could not figure out how to drop the balloons on me, and no one in my house really had a chance to help me with that part or was willing to, so I scrapped the balloon idea and decided to film something else instead. I never got around to it either because of how I was feeling during the two months filming WWI.

SUCH: Ah, that explains things. Thanks for the info!

I loved catching the Easter eggs you included, like the Content pop-up ad and the clock hands chorography in Problematic.

Were these ways to bring your personality to the project?

Marcos: They definitely were, yes hehe.

I wanted to make the remake feel personal to me, because I wanted to tell the story of how I was remaking Inside while it being Inside—it’s a bit meta.

I wanted the remake to feel more meta than it already was, and I wanted it to feel goofy the way I am and was while filming the project.

The content pop-up was not my idea. Credit for that idea goes to my girlfriend.

She’s a Bo Burnham fan too, and while we were talking on the phone, she said the exact thing that the pop-up said because I would upload my clips of the remake on my social media, and it would be as if I would upload content every day. She was joking about how I would “make content for all to enjoy!”, and I found it funny and cute, so I made it a pop-up ad as a joke.

SUCH: Aww, that's nice that your girlfriend helped to inspire you (and it's awesome that she's a Bo fan as well!).

Speaking of Problematic, I would say that's the least similar section compared to Inside.

Why did you decide to drop elements like the cross projection? I did notice that you were using a boom mic (?) as a dumbbell, I think haha.

Oh, and the VHS tracking lines are a nice touch to give it a real '80s feel.

Marcos: Originally I was not going to film Problematic. I was going to skip it entirely, but I knew that it would feel out of place if it was Look Who’s Inside Again and then BOOM! 30.

So I decided to keep it in, but I was not comfortable with performing and filming the song the way Bo did. I did not feel comfortable showing my body in the way he did (although he was joking when he was filming his version) because I view my body in a bit of a negative state.

I decided that instead of filming Problematic the same way, I would just make fun of it and make my own version of it.

I would still include some elements of the original, but this time I'd make it completely my own.

I set aside the idea of using the exercise equipment because there was no point in buying the equipment, and I had no access to borrow it either. Instead, I chose to use my filming gear as makeshift exercise equipment hehe.

The cross projection I struggled in getting right.

I tested several ways into getting the cross by using black tape and taping it on my lights. I also tried cutting out a cross shape outline and casting the light through it, and I even searched for the EXACT light Bo used.

He had a huge spotlight with barndoor panels that he could make the shape of a cross. I tried everything I could to make the cross projection, but I gave up on that and decided to do it my way.

While I couldn't match Inside's visuals for that song, I was inspired by some of the early concepts Bo showed in The Inside Outtakes of Problematic.

I wanted to expand on the first concepts he made, but I tried to make it something new and original.

I added the VHS tracking lines because every time I listened to the song, it gave me an '80s feel. I know that that was Bo's intention, but I envisioned my version with that effect.

Also, if you listen real closely when the song fades out and the screen goes black, you can hear the faint hiss of VHS static.

SUCH: Oh cool, I can definitely see the similarities to Bo in the Outtakes. And I'll have to check out that VHS Easter egg!

I also liked how you had a secret message pop up during Shit at 52:53 in.

Are there any other surprises that people should look out for?

Marcos: There are a lot more secret messages scattered all over the remake.

Every section, if it’s a song, has a secret message on the righthand side of the screen.

I would love to reveal what they are, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But yes, there are more secrets and surprises that people should look out for.

UPDATE: You can see screenshots of ALL of the hidden messages here!

SUCH: Wow, I had no idea they appeared throughout...that one just happened to catch my eye haha.

It reminds me of Bo's hidden messages in Repeat Stuff and in the Outtakes!



So I noticed in addition to secret items that you've incorporated Bo's own merch in subtle but masterful ways.

For example, I spotted you in an Inside Studios shirt, and there's an Inside CD in Comedy.

Why did you include these specific references, and are there any more in your remake?

Marcos: I wanted the remake to be as meta as possible. My goal was to remind people that this wasn’t the real Inside—it was a remake and I was aware of it being a remake, so I showed that it was being made by a fan, surrounding himself with Inside merch.

The Inside Studios shirt was not as intentional as I meant for it to be, but the Inside CD was fully intentional.

I wanted to make it an Easter egg that people could spot and see—it was a neat idea I had and I thought i would be cool for it to show up.

The CD appears in almost every shot in Comedy, I believe.

I really wanted to show that I am a fan and not someone who does not understand Bo’s work. I do, I do understand his work.

Also, I wanted it to appear as a symbolic thing of me being obsessed and deep into Bo Burnham and Inside, and the amount of study I had to do to create this project.

There are other references as well. Most notably, there are instances where the original shot of Inside would be overlaid on my clip, and would then fade out quickly.

I did that in the same way Sean Himmelberg did in his Still Inside spoof.

SUCH: Awesome! I will be on the lookout for those references in my next viewing of your remake.

Like Problematic, the Intermission is a bit different, and you are actually wearing your OWN merch during that scene instead of the blue jumpsuit like Bo haha.

Will Inside: The Remake merch be available to the public? That's some real dedication to your project, by the way.

Marcos: I wanted to do something different for the Intermission.

Instead of being a window cleaner, I just wanted to be myself in the scene. I didn’t want it to be as sad or as fancy as Bo did—I just wanted everyone to see who was behind the scenes.

Yes, I was wearing my own merch hehe. I was so excited to receive my official Inside merch that I had the best idea I ever had besides doing my remake, which was to do my own merch.

I at first did it as a joke, but further on when it arrived through the mail, I thought that it was really cool how I made merch of my remake. Having items with the title made it feel that what I was doing was something bigger than what I was expecting it to be.

I would love to make Inside The Remake merch, but as much as I would want to, it would be too expensive to order and distribute the merch to those who would like to purchase it. I only made two shirts and hats with the name.

I kept one shirt and hat, and gave the other to my girlfriend, who was supporting me the most while I was filming. If I could get a Patreon or a GoFundMe set up and activated to receive donations to afford the merch costs, I would completely love to make merch of the remake! As of now, merch will not be available.

SUCH: That's completely understandable. I just thought it was a fun bit to include, but I would definitely be up for buying a shirt if you end up selling them!

So I noticed that you've removed the following bits from Bo's special: The suicide talk, the quick flash of Bo as a gamer before HTWW, the pirate's map comedy scene, and Bo's tantrum before AEOM.

Were there specific reasons to not include these parts (the suicide one, for example, gets hit with a warning on YouTube)?

And are there any other bits missing from the original Inside?

Marcos: I did remove those bits, and I did not remove them randomly—I had my reasons.

I did not want to include the suicide talk because I didn’t think it fit the story I was trying to tell.

In the original, Inside is mostly about mental health, the real cruelties of the world, and how social media is messed up (which is what the pirate’s map scene does).

I also removed Bo’s tantrum and the flash of gamer Bo. I didn’t include the first three because, like I said, I felt as if it didn’t fit the story I was telling.

My goal was to show me, trying to recreate Inside, trying to make it the way it is and to, in a way, be like Bo.

This clearly contrasts with what was presented in Still Inside—Sean looked like Bo and wanted people to stop comparing him.

I wanted to be Bo in a way because I was so inspired by his work that I want to do the same things he does.

The flash of gamer Bo—I simply forgot to include it. I had planned to add it, but I got so busy that I never got around to editing it in the video.

The tantrum showed how Bo was frustrated in getting the special to work, but he’s mad that he has to keep working in order to make something work. I didn’t feel that way at all when I was filming, but I felt worried if people would even want to watch.

I don’t think that I excluded other parts, but there's a part in between Facetime With My Mom (Tonight) and HTWW where Bo walks in the room and sits down in his chair while an airplaine passes by.

SUCH: Ah, those are good explanations. I had meant that airplane scene when I said the gamer Easter egg (they appear at the same time).

So what's your favorite Bo song? Special? Feel free to name more than one.

Marcos: I have three favorite Bo songs.

  1. Pandering

  2. All Eyes On Me (Outtakes version)

  3. Kanye Rant

I can’t really pick one, so I wanted to do a list of three because those three are great to me.

I do have to say though that All Eyes On Me has got to be my favorite one out of them all. It has such an eerie dreamlike feel, almost as if you're helpless underwater and all you can hear is the echo of yourself—it's great hehe.

My favorite special is Make Happy. It’s the second special I watched of his that I thought was great.

Discovering Bo during Inside and then watching him in another special was something else.

I was used to seeing him all sad and depressed in his little room that when I watched Make Happy, I saw a completely different person on stage. I said to myself, “is this Bo Burnham??”

I eventually got used to the other specials he made. I know that, in Inside, he’s playing a character, but I got so used to that character I was not prepared for the snarky, weird funny man on stage hehe.

SUCH: That's so crazy because I had the exact opposite experience!

I became obsessed with Bo in 2019 and was SHOCKED to see him with long hair and a beard in the Inside trailer. It's crazy that he's the same guy—Make Happy Bo vs. Inside Bo really do seem like completely different people! Haha

Have you ever met Bo in person? Seen him perform live?

Marcos: I have never met Bo. I would absolutely love to meet him now that I know all about him.

On stage, he seems like a snarky little guy [Ed. note: I would not personally call a 6'5 man "little" lol], but from what I’ve heard about how he is offstage, he seems like a chill guy.

I’ve never seen him live, but I would die if he ever decides to go on tour again.

I would be first in line with two tickets, one for me and one for my girlfriend, to watch Bo Burnham. If I were to meet him, I would want to ask him how I could get started in the entertainment business and how I could do the same things he does.

He’d probably respond in one of two ways: either tell me to give up because being famous is meaningless and has no value other than to profit and to feel empty, or he would give some wholesome advice.

SUCH: While Bo is definitely cynical about the entertainment industry, he supports anyone putting time and effort into making their art.

I remember he said as much during his Make Happy AMA.

So what's up next for you? Any future projects in the works? Will there be a remake of the Outtakes, or was this a one-and-done deal?

Marcos: I think what’s next for me is a vacation! Hehe.

No hehe, I think that I will settle down for the while and rest from the remake.

I do have some ideas for other future projects and I want to further expand upon them. I really do want to make something original to me to improve upon my skills and to challenge myself, but as for now, I’ll take a backseat and drive to the writers room to see what else I’ll come up with.

There will not be a remake of The Inside Outtakes. I feel like I don’t want to leech off more of Inside’s success and the Outtakes as well, so this is a one-and-done deal.

Although, I do have a project file of a remake of The Future that I've started and is incomplete so, maybe ;).

SUCH: Oh geez, you got me with the vacation joke. Touché, bitch! Haha

Oh, definitely take some time to rest after working on this remake for so long. You've earned it!

How can people best support your work? Do you have any social media you'd like to plug?

Marcos: People can reach me on my Youtube channel and my Instagram page where I will be uploading most of my content.

SUCH: Awesome. Well, thanks again for doing this, Marcos, and good luck with your studies!

Marcos: Thanks so much!


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