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A Bo Burnham Fan Glossary

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Do you have friends who can't follow all of your abbreviations for Bo's works? Trying to make sense of posts on the subreddit? Or do you maybe have a sister who keeps confusing "White Woman's Instagram" with "World War I" when you text her (that's my situation lol)?

I love that he has "penis" near his mouth heh

If so, then this list is for you. I've compiled some of the most common acronyms and initialisms used in the Bo fandom, and I even threw in some cryptic nicknames for good measure.

Let me know if you have any others you can't figure out!

AEOM: All Eyes On Me (Bo's first Grammy win!)

BB: Bo Burnham

Bobby: Jerrod Carmichael's nickname for Bo

Bomb-eranian: What Bo called his dog Bruce in an old FSU interview. You can watch it here

HOAR: Hell of a Ride (also a very early song by Bo that has "whore" misspelled)

ICU: Inside Cinematic Universe (Bo's joke about Marvel)

LBRB: Left Brain, Right Brain

LWIA: Look Who's Inside Again

Lor: Lorene Scafaria, Bo's ex-girlfriend

MH: Make Happy (Bo's third comedy special and his funniest yet imo)

Phoebo: a portmanteau of Phoebe Bridgers and Bo that's used to denote their couple status

Robert: Bo's real name (and one he uses when he wants to be taken seriously)

Rod: Bo's nickname for Jerrod Carmichael

Ruhm: "Room" in Bo's New England accent; this refers specifically to his guest house as featured in his three specials

Socko: Bo's white sock puppet with a Marxist perspective in HTWW

WTTI: Welcome to the Internet, Bo's most popular video by FAR (127M views currently!)

WTFIGO: Pretty self-explanatory ;)

WWI: White Woman's Instagram (not World War One)—the initialism that started this whole glossary!

The term is from Bo himself when he tweeted about uploading the music video on YouTube in 2021.

WWW: Words Words Words (not the World Wide Web!)—Bo's first hourlong special on Comedy Central

ZS or ZSIGBF: Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, Bo's ill-fated MTV show that lasted one season (watch it on Netflix before it disappears next month!)

For explanations of Bo's more obscure pop culture references, click here.

For a primer of all of Bo's works, including his comedy specials, click here.

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