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A Gender-Swapped Fairy Tale from High School

So this is a story I wrote about a man with typically feminine qualities being saved by a strong woman in the style of a fairy tale. It was for my AP Psychology course in high school, but I can't help but associate the main character with Bo now, particularly since he has GORGEOUS blonde hair and blue eyes haha.

Here is the story in its entirety. Enjoy!

AP Psychology

Pd. 4


5. Write a short children's story in which stereotyped sex-role characters are totally reversed.

Once upon a time, in a palace far, far away, lived a young boy named Jerunzel. He had the most gorgeous locks of hair and people would travel across the county to catch a glimpse of his beautiful curls. Jerunzel was also of a most kind nature and loved to spin wool, play in the garden, and sing lovely songs with his mother. He had the fairest skin in all the land and was beloved by all who encountered him.

When Jerunzel turned sixteen, he became the envy of all of the maidens in the county and many gallant women rode up on steeds to proclaim their love for Jerunzel. He never had his hair cut so all of the chivalrous women deeply admired his long locks of curly blond hair and bright blue eyes. Jerunzel never found a woman to suit his needs, so his mother decided he could not wed at all, as no woman would ever be worthy of such a glorious man. Jerunzel's mother locked him up in a massive white tower. All of the ladies of the land tried as they might to reach the beloved boy, but to no avail. Then, a muscular girl named Princess Charming attempted to reach Jerunzel. She was agile and her square jaw and dark eyebrows made her all the more handsome to Jerunzel.

She called up to him, "Jerunzel, Jerunzel. Let down your golden hair!" Jerunzel obeyed immediately to the dashing princess and dropped his hair down to Princess Charming. She easily climbed the locks and soon reached the top of the tower. After embracing Jerunzel, the princess skillfully created a rope out of knickknacks in the tower and the two climbed down together. Once they reached the ground, Jerunzel kissed Princess Charming. "Oh Princess, you are the most dashing and handsome woman of the land!" At this, the princess asked for Jerunzel's hand in marriage. Jerunzel accepted and they rode away on a white steed into the setting sun. Jerunzel exclaimed, "You have made me the happiest of all men!" The two married and lived happily ever after.

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